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Dwight's Chart from "Did I Stutter?"

One of the best parts of last night's episode of The Office had to be the chart that Dwight crafted. If you want to take a look at it in further detail, you can check it out here

The Office's "Did I Stutter": Who's Da Man?

*Did I Stutter? Spoilers included!* The Office 's, "Did I Stutter?" was a little bit off yet completely awkwardly Office-like with a little tense incident turned into a massive Office-wide disaster! Did Michael prove to be da man by putting his foot down to Stanley or did Stanley just prove once and for all that Michael's a disaster of a boss? Photo courtesy of NBC.com

Did I Stutter?: Anti-Climatic?

**"Did I Stutter?" Spoilers Included** This week's "Did I Sutter" I think was a kind of a waste of time. With so little time in the season left, there was no progress made with anything, except maybe the weird warning that Ryan gave Jim. -? Jim and Pam are still joking around-BUT...she said she slept at a friends house. Jim? 99.99% sure it was, but anyone think anything happen? Still at the joking proposal games...if nothing at Jim's, then the relationship didn't really progress. Angela was looking at Dwight with...could it be admiration when Andy was confronting him with the car thing. Could Angela be wanting to get back together with Dwight? With Stanley and Michael, now it's back where "Night Out" left off, with Stalney just being a little nicer. It seemed like there was something huge building up, but then it just sort of...blah. No doubt that there were funny parts, but I thought there would be more drama since its so close to the end of the season. Thoughts? P.S. This is my first news entry. Did I do good? Image from www.wbrs.org