The Outer Limits

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The Outer Limits

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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7 Seasons, 154 Episodes
60 Minutes
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The Outer Limits is an American television series. Similar in style to the earlier The Twilight Zone, though tending more to science fiction than fantasy, The Outer Limits is an anthology show in which each episode is a self-contained story, sometimes with a plot twist. In its original incarnation the show ran for two seasons from 1963 to 1965 in black-and-white. It was revived in 1995 and ran for seven seasons, until 2002.


Judgement Day

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The Outer Limits S6E1
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Allison Channing hunts down Declan McMahon on "Judgment Day" which is a popular television show on the Justice Channel where murderers are executed by the families of those that they kill. Declan, however, claims to be innocent.

Episode Reviews

by scotwot

Jun 10, 2016

Growing up, this was a must-watch in our house. :)

by PrivateSmallville

Nov 22, 2014

Now this was what you called drama.

by Stiffie

Jun 20, 2015

the legal drama, great actors started their career with this one

by cdsdiver124

Dec 30, 2014

Great show from the 90s.

by howie4144

May 30, 2015

Average night time drama for its time.