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AMC releases 'The Prisoner' in November

AMC has set a premiere date for its new take on the 1960s series " The Prisoner ." The six-hour miniseries, a reworking of the paranoid sci-fi classic that starred Patrick McGoohan, will air over three consecutive nights starting Sunday, Nov. 15. Two episodes will air each night starting at 8 p.m. ET. Like the original, the new "Prisoner" focuses on a man (James Caviezel) who wakes up in a mysterious place called The Village and finds he's had his previous identity erased and been given a number, Six. The Village is controlled by Two (Ian McKellen), who keeps everyone under surveillance and is working very hard to keep Six under his thumb. The miniseries also stars Ruth Wilson ("Suburban Shootout"), Jamie Campbell-Bower ("Twilight: New Moon"), Hayley Atwell ("The Duchess") and Lennie James ("Jericho"). Below is a nine-minute preview of "The Prisoner" that AMC showed at Comic-Con this summer; the look is quite a bit different, but the dislocated, claustrophobic feel of the original (which AMC is streaming on its web site) seems to have translated pretty well to the new version. How's it look to you? Source & Video

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 - Featured

* Medium (9/8c CBS) The paranormal drama about creepy spirits, dark unknowns and a psychic soccer mom who sees dead people does some strange channeling: Canceled by NBC, the show now rematerializes on CBS, completing a ghostly night on the Eye network. ( Ghost Whisperer precedes the show.) In the Season 6 opener, Allison struggles through the aftermath of her brain surgery and its potential lasting impact on her life. This also being a crime drama, there's some bad-guy intrigue: A TV-station owner enlists Devalos and Scanlon to probe the purported stalking of his station's sportscaster - who also happens to be his wife. Natalie Zea and Pruitt Taylor Vince guest star. * Brothers (8/7c Fox) Former New York Giants great Michael Strahan leaves the gridiron for sitcom land and, as evidenced by tonight's enjoyable premiere, it's a smooth switch. So as not to have to stretch too far, he plays a former NFL star named Mike Trainor who moves back home with his parents and brother after his financial adviser does an end around and leaves him broke. In the premiere, Mike and a young lady have an overnight playdate at his parents' house, which Mom (CCH Pounder) considers a personal foul. * Dollhouse (9/8c Fox) The first season of Joss Whedon's twisted retake on The Prisoner opened with a proverbial thud, taking a good six episodes to lurch into gear. By the end, of course, it was a high-octane delight, ably balancing solid story-of-the-weeks with the show's overarching plot of Echo filling in her blank slate. The Season 2 premiere continues in that vein, with Echo engaged on an undercover mission for none other than Ballard that involves a not-so-nice businessman ( Battlestar Galactica 's Jamie Bamber). Amy Acker, meanwhile, shines as Dr. Saunders, who experiences something of an identity crisis due to rather unique circumstances of her origins. * The Prisoner (8/7c IFC) The imaginative, mesmerizing - and enigmatic - British cult classic from the late 1960s gets a reprieve on the Independent Film Channel. Series creator Patrick McGoohan stars as a government agent known only as No. 6 (he has no name) who resigns his job and is placed in an apparently serene locale called the Village, where escape is impossible and all identities are mysteries. Although critically acclaimed, the series only ran for 17 episodes. Two more of them will follow the premiere. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) Ever timely, the durable crime drama kicks off its 20th season with a question raised in the post-Bush Administration era: Should lawyers who green-lit harsh interrogation tactics in the War on Terror face charges for legitimizing torture? The murder of a veteran puts the issue on trial, with McCoy and Cutter on opposing sides of the debate. If that isn't sensational enough for you, wait until you see the bombshell Lt. Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) drops. * Ghost Whisperer (8/7c CBS) After seasons of watching people cross over to the other side, fans get to celebrate a birth on the Jennifer Love Hewitt drama series! In the fifth-season opener, Melinda's baby boy is born, and she discovers that her child, Aiden, has her gift. Source Here

THE PRISONER 9 Minute Comic Con Preview

The Prisoner is a six-part mini-series which will premiere on AMC in November 2009. The cast includes James Caviezel as Number Six, and Ian McKellen as Number Two. That alone should get you excited for the movie, and of course the fact that AMC is also responsible to the great TV shows Mad Men and Breaking Bad . The Prisoner Synopsis: A man, known as "Six," finds himself inexplicably trapped in "The Village" with no memory of how he arrived. As he explores his environment, he discovers that his fellow inhabitants are identified by number instead of name, have no memory of any prior existence, and are under constant surveillance. Not knowing whom to trust, Six is driven by the need to discover the truth behind The Village, the reason for his being there, and most importantly -- how he can escape. Source & Preview

Comic Con 2009: Nine-Minute Preview of 'The Prisoner'

" The Prisoner " panel at San Diego Comic-Con International was generous enough to give a 9-minute preview of the new series. To be debuted on AMC this Fall, the series is rooting on the '60s sci fi series of the same name. Thus, the preview compiles all those informations necessary to introduce "The Village" and roles of each character. The footage gives the look of Ian McKellen as Number Two, a man in white who looks to the town from a higher ground. Then comes James Caviezel as Number Six who believes that he is originated from New York and that there must be a logical explanation why he suddenly comes to The Village. Believing there is a foul play within the surreal world, Number Six tries to find a way out of the place. Making the new version can prove to be a tough challenge for the producers but they are not weighing it as a direct remake of the classic. Screenwriter Bill Gallagher who attended the panel explained, "This is more of a recreation than a remake. We try to keep the spirit of the original." Lennie James, who plays Number 147, has more about the issues dealt within the show. "Everybody tries to figure out if their number means anything," he said, adding that the producers won't even let the stars know much about the ending. "They did a sneaky thing with us, which is they told us it was a six-parter but only sent us five scripts," he revealed. McKellen was absent from the panel, but the co-stars had good words about working with the Magneto of "X-Men". His son's depicter Jamie Campbell Bower said, "It was such a pleasure working with Ian. He is one of the finest actors that has ever lived. I feel blessed to be able to learn from someone of that calibre." One important message delivered during the panel was that the series will be aired on consecutive nights by AMC. They are planning to have it from Sunday to Tuesday in November. Source & Preview Here