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'The Quest' and ABC's summer reality problem

ABC introduces "The Quest," which is the most fully realized hybrid of a scripted series and reality competition yet, and is a perfect fit for the network.   Read More... //

Ratings: ABC's The Quest Debuts Weak

ABC's The Quest premiered to an un-heroic 0.7 rating in the key demo on Thursday, as CBS and Univision tied atop the Nielsen ratings. CBS and Univision both had a 1.4 rating/5 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic. CBS was first in viewers with an average of 5.4 million, according to preliminary numbers. Univision was third with 3.5 million viewers. For CBS, in between runs, Big Brother at 9 p.m. earned a night-high 2.1/7 and had 6.2 million viewers.   Read More... //

ABC's The Quest Producers Reveal How They Found Heroes

ABC's new fantasy reality hybrid series, The Quest, is more than the nerdiest dream come true: It's an endearing blend of cinema magic and reality series tropes from the producers of Lord of the Rings and The Amazing Race. Clearly, the success of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings prove that there are all new levels of mainstream acceptance for fantasy productions. And there's certainly always been a large audience for stories of valor, magic and heroism. That's what The Quest hopes to tap into, but the show's major hurdle lies in getting the competitors to accept the fantasy environment and react naturally to it.   Read More... //

Join the Paladins from ABC's "The Quest," As They Live Tweet During the Series Premiere, Thursday, July 31

Join the 12 would be heroes as they live tweet during the East Coast Broadcast of tonight's premiere episode airing 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT.   Read More... //

'The Quest' Premiere Episode Photos

Official premiere photos for The Quest , which begins Thursday, July 31 at 8pm on ABC.   Read More... //

'The Quest' to Premiere Thursday, July 31 on ABC

A genre-bending new reality series unlike anything else on television, The Quest, combines harrowing and intense competition challenges,   Read More... //

[Video] 'The Quest' First Look: A Fantasy Camp with Swords, Horses and More

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you might want to check out ABC's upcoming fantasy reality series, The Quest , which might just be the perfect TV distraction this summer. The show takes viewers to a mythical realm where 12 contestants are given the chance to experience Middle-earth and compete in epic battles. Video trailers have already given viewers a glimpse of the brain child of the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the producers of The Amazing Race but a recently released promo takes a step further to explain what ABC's The Quest is really all about.   Read More... //

Exclusive Video: Watch the Opening Sequence of ABC's Fantastical New Reality Show The Quest

  ABC is venturing into the land of magical fantasy for its upcoming series The Quest . Premiering onThursday, July 31(8/7c), The Quest drops 12 contestants into an imaginative realm full of ogres, dragons and lords. Through the use of animatronics, prosthetics and special effects, each of the contestants will fight to be the hero who saves good from evil and brings peace among chaos.   Read More...   //

Meet the Cast of 'The Quest'

Meet the 12 contestants who will be transported into a fantasy world, brought to life by state of the art projections, animatronics, prosthetics, real-time motion capture and art direction, in The Quest , which premieres Thursday, July 31 at 8pm on ABC.   Read More... //

ABC sets midseason premieres for 'Resurrection' and 'The Quest'

As part of an alleged plan to virtually eliminate repeats at midseason, ABC has announced spring plans for "Resurrection" and "The Quest." //