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'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Who Won the Battle of the Reunion?

There are a lot of battles that happen during the course of any given Real Housewives reunion . And the ladies of The Real Housewives of Miami duked it out last night in the last episode of the season. Let's break down the fights battle by battle and then deduce who won the reunion war.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-real-housewives-of-miami-w-51877.aspx

Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion Part 2 Recap — Whose Side Are You On?

After Monday night’s insane Reunion Part 1, our heads are still spinning at the level to which the Real Housewives of Miami went to to bring each other down and unearth tons of juicy drama. We didn’t think anything could match the level of crazy that was Monday night’s show, but tonight definitely gave it a run for its money. The many knock-down, drag out catfights and shocking revelations from tonight’s episode threw us for a loop, so let’s wrap our head around the night’s huge turning... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/nB49Jyer2Aw/2013-11-14-season-3-reunion-part-2

Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion Part 1 Recap — Joanna's Secret About Lisa!

If your jaw is still on the floor after watching tonight's unbelievable Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion Part 1 recap, we can't say we blame you. In our recap of the insane drama, Joanna Krupa criticizes Lisa Hochstein for partying, while Adriana De Moura says extremely unkind things about Joanna's husband, Romain Zago. Seriously, the episode makes us want to curl into the fetal position and never come out. Who Works, and Who Doesn't? The episode starts with Lisa making a crack... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/grPvYY8Ce58/2013-11-11-season-3-reunion-part-1

The Top 10 Moments of 'The Real Housewives of Miami' Reunion Part 1

What would a season of The Real Housewives be without its reunion show? I'll tell you: it would be like pizza without cheese or, in housewife speak, a cleanse without cayenne pepper. But we never have to worry about living in that kind of dark world. And tonight is the the reunion cherry on the Real Housewives of Miami  season 3 sundae. Here are the top 10 moments from part one of the reunion:  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-top-10-moments-of-the-real-51833.aspx

Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Finale Recap: Joanna Krupa's Wedding!

It's time for Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago to finally make things official on tonight's recap of Real Housewives of Miami. But will the wedding even happen, after Joanna and the ladies miss their flight to San Diego? Let's find out! And if anyone knows that hot Brazilian guy, can you give him our phone number? Thanks a bunch! Sisterly Love? After the turmoil of the previous episode's bachelorette party craziness, it's a wonder the ladies are still in one piece. However, they missed their... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/TQVlUDmDrp0/2013-11-04-season-3-finale-recap-wedding

'The Real Housewives of Miami' Season 3 Finale Recap: Get Her to the Church On Time

Didn't get enough of The Real Housewives of Miami last night when things got messy in Las Vegas ? Well, you're in luck: we get a double dose of Miami debauchery this week.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-real-housewives-of-miami-s-51759.aspx

'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: A Crazy and Messy Night in Las Vegas

It's Joanna's Las Vegas bachelorette party, and you know what that means: Lisa is ready to get naked, wasted and make sure everyone else is having just as good a time. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-real-housewives-of-miami-r-51745.aspx

'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Of Handbags and Ballrooms

Although the main plot of this season of The Real Housewives of Miami has been the feud between Adriana and Lea, we haven't heard about how much they hate each other in the last few weeks. Yes, Adriana did get married without inviting Lea. And in turn Lea brought Lisa to Texas to meet her family. But the feud is re-opened once again and maybe now we'll even get a little Lea vs. Adriana face-to-face.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-real-housewives-of-miami-r-51689.aspx

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 11 — Lea's Shocking Secret!

Grab your cowboy hat and get ready for the recap of Real Housewives of Miami Season 3, Episode 11. Lea Black and Lisa Hochstein take a wild trip to visit Lea's family in Texas, while Joanna Krupa gets shocking news from Romain about their prenup. So hop on a mechanical bull, grab your baby pics, and do some freestyle rapping! Chewin' Tobacco, Anyone? The episode begins with Lea, Lisa, RJ, and Lisa's (ridiculous amount of) luggage heading to the Lone Star State, where—after a looong flight—... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/P-ZE-8cW6Qo/2013-10-21-recap-season-3-episode-11

'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Texas State of Mind

Thank goodness it's going to be a Lisa/Lea-centric episode. I don't think I could've handled any more Adriana after watching her be insufferable at her wedding ceremony last week .  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-miami/the-real-housewives-of-miami-r-51616.aspx