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Is Joe Gorga Gay?

We know (maybe a little too well) that Joe Gorga loves his wife, Melissa Gorga, but we’ve also seen that he has no problem showing an equal amount of love to his many male admirers.   No matter the occasion, he’s always finding some way to disrobe, dress up in drag, or draw the attention of guys around him. All of this makes us wonder if he’s looking to "unleash the poison" on a whole different kind of crowd. //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/4NQCp69K-Hg/is-joe-gorga-gay

Caroline Manzo On Her Fight with Teresa Giudice: “This Confrontation Needed To Happen”

We’re still reeling from the epic wine-fueled blowout on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and if last night’s worldwide trending topic #RHONJ was any indication, we weren’t the only ones. That battle royale between Teresa Giudice and the other Housewives was shocking, especially since the usually calm Caroline Manzo was at the center of it. Calling the Fabulicious diva a "disgrace," Caroline was beyond brutal, but don’t... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/M05ptSBjL-Q/caroline-manzo-on-her-fight-with-teresa-giudice-this-confrontation-needed-to-happen

Jacqueline Laurita Open to Doing Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Educate Others About Autism

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been anything but a barrell of laughs for Jacqueline Laurita. Known for her fun-loving personality and sweet demeanor, Jacqueline frequently seemed overwhelmed by the show, and even chose not to attend the Season 3 reunion. While at the time many thought a rift with co-star Teresa Giudice was at the heart of Jac’s absence, we now know that the mom of three was grappling with something much more significant: her son Nicholas’s autism... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/BuaJLDatiPo/jacqueline-laurita-open-to-doing-season-5-of-the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-to-educate-others-about-autism

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Son Has Autism

She may have to deal with a lot of drama in front of the camera, but it can't compare to the struggle Real Housewives of New Jersey 's Jacqueline Laurita is facing off camera. Laurita's 3-year-old son Nicholas is autistic, the reality star tells People . "I worry about him being independent when he's... //www.tvguide.com/News/Jacqueline-Laurita-Autism-Son-1052242.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Jacqueline Laurita's Son Diagnosed With Autism

Way back in season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey , Jacqueline Laurita shared her struggle to get pregnant, even confessing to suffering a miscarriage. But it all had a happy ending when Jacqueline showed up to the season 1 reunion very pregnant, and had her son Nicholas just before the start of season 2. //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/real-housewives-of-new-jersey-47150.aspx

Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Joe’s Outburst: “I Begged Bravo Not to Air It”

Teresa Giudice has had a rough few weeks leading up to and following the episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey showing her husband Joe insulting her while on the phone with another woman. And even though she already gave her only interview regarding the matter, she still had plenty to say her BravoTV.com blog. When she initially saw the episode a few weeks ago, Teresa reveals, "I was sick. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. It has not been a good couple of weeks."... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/HDtjhzIRR0E/teresa-giudice-opens-up-about-joes-outburst-i-begged-bravo-not-to-air-it

Caroline Manzo on Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: "I Can’t Wait For it to End …"

Caroline Manzo had a wonderful 50th birthday surprise organized by her husband and children in Napa on last Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but in her most recent BravoTV.com blog she reveals that she can’t wait for Season 4 to be over! Caroline explains, "This has been quite a season so far, and frankly I can't wait for it to end so I can lock it away in my mind’s vault never to surface again." Whoa, that’s quite a statement from... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/2ZpIUsvAILA/caroline-manzo-on-season-4-of-the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-i-cant-wait-for-it-to-end

Teresa Giudice on Her Husband Joe Giudice: “He Has a Black Cloud Over Him”

Teresa Giudice may have gotten frisky with her hubby just moments after he berated her on-camera and in front of her friends (we’re still scratching our heads about that one), but she’s starting to realize that Joe’s behavior in Napa was entirely unacceptable … sort of. Amidst discussing her husband’s recent tirade with In Touch, Teresa candidly revealed, "He has a black cloud over him." When Joe saw Sunday’s episode  sometime last week,... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/xQf_BNa1FGQ/teresa-giudice-on-her-husband-joe-giudice-he-has-a-black-cloud-over-him

Did Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice Have Sex in the Vineyard?

Things seemingly went from weird to weirder on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After possibly speaking with his mistress on the phone in the middle of Caroline Manzo’s birthday celebration, Joe Giudice went on to hurl a myriad of insults at his wife Teresa Giudice, leading her to rightfully pull him aside. Just when we thought Tre was going to lay into Joe for the terrible way he treated her, she pulls her hubby into the vineyard for a quickie. Say... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/Dy_OGcX8R6s/did-joe-giudice-and-teresa-giudice-have-sex-in-the-vineyard

Teresa Giudice on Husband Joe’s Terrible Tirade: “I Can’t Defend Him From This”

Teresa Giudice has remained mum on her hubby Joe Giudice’s unfortunate outburst on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey — in which he hurls several vulgar insults at Teresa while on the phone with another woman — but now she is finally speaking out about his behavior. Teresa was able to watch an advance screening of Sunday’s episode earlier this week, and while she is usually Joe’s biggest supporter, she tells In Touch, "I... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/PHgzNrpZDaY/teresa-giudice-on-husband-joes-terrible-tirade-i-cant-defend-him-from-this