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'The Real L Word' premiere: Really, Showtime?

Welcome to The Real L Word, where the Power of the Clam is so intense that the sun shines out of your crotch. I can't really believe this Showtime show exists or that Ilene Chaiken, creator of The Fictional L Word, has been so hell-bent on it happening. I could understand an L Word spinoff or even an entirely new show about different lesbians, but a reality show? Ugh. It just feels cheap and scuzzy right from the opening location shots, during which we're treated to an in-your-face montage - Los Angeles! Fashion! Sunshine! Hotspots! - and then cheesy, stylized who's-who chyrons reminiscent of Lauren and the gang on Laguna Beach and The Hills. At least watching The Real L Word is better than watching other The Hills or any of the Real Housewives, because you get the feeling that the people on those other shows are all desperate to become bigger stars (in the field of reality TV, or possibly something even greater, if you can imagine that) and are therefore constantly constructing a persona according to what they think viewers want. It's impossible to avoid the awkwardness of the camera's presence in any reality show, but I do get the impression the Real L's are at least trying to be real. Sure, they signed up for a reality show, but it's not necessarily their fault trying to be real doesn't ever truly work. (Whoa, you guys, I totally just discovered the basic problem with reality television.) To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The L Word Franchise Keeps It Real with New Series

The L.A. lesbians are back! But this time, they're the real thing. The Real L Word, a reality show following the loving, lusting and high drama of six high-achieving West Coast gay girls, debuts this Sunday on Showtime (June 20, 10/9c). TV Guide Magazine talked to producer Ilene Chaiken, who hopes to follow her scripted hit, The L Word, with this tasty Sapphic gumbo of Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. To Read More Click Here .

Lesbian Women of 'Real L Word' Walk the Red Carpet

It was a women fiesta at California's East West Lounge on Tuesday, June 15 when cast and crew of "The Real L Word" came out to celebrate the imminent premiere. A reality show version of Showtime's now-ended "The L Word", "Real L Word" follows six lesbian women in Los Angeles. Coming to the premiere party were Rose Garcia, Mikey Kauffman, Nikki Weis, Whitney Mixter and Jill Goldstein. The series is supposed to star another woman, Tracy, who did not join the lots on the red carpet. Producer Ilene Chaiken and Rose's girlfriend Natalie were also present along with a bunch of other guests. Premiering June 20, "Real L World" is about a group of real-life, high-profile, left coast lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play. Two clips are released as previews of the first episode, one showing Whitney bumping into an old flame and another showing Rose having a fight with her girlfriend. Source & Previews

Take A Break From World Cup Excitement To Check Out This Week's Summer Premieres!

Yup, there's another vampire show on the horizon -- The Gates premieres this Sunday on ABC, for all you Vampire Diaries viewers who are hoping to get your fangirl fix on during the off-season! Also, now that Top Chef Masters has concluded, regular Top Chef takes the heat back to the kitchen on Wednesday on Bravo ! See what other summer shows are premiering this week! Monday, June 14 10/9c: Warren the Ape in MTV Tuesday, June 15 9/8c: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo Wednesday, June 16 9/8c: Top Chef on Bravo Sunday, June 20 9/8c: The Gates on ABC 9/8c: Leverage on TNT 10/9c: Scoundrels on ABC 10/9c: The Real L Word on Showtime Which summer premieres are you tuning into this week?

'Real L Word' Cast Open Up About First Sexual Experience

Another footage which features the women from "The Real L Word" sitting down for an interview is shared to let viewers know them better before the TV series debuts on June 20. One of the things that they talk about is their first sexual experience. Tracy says her first sexual experience was "holding hands". "Because that's what I thought was sex," she explained with a smile. Meanwhile, Rose dished, "It was actually in my car and that was probably the first and last time I was not in control." From Showtime, Golden Globe winner Ilene Chaiken L and Magical Elves (Peabody Award-winning "Project Runway" & Emmy-nominated "Top Chef") comes a documentary series about the real lives of lesbians. "The Real L Word" will follow a group of real-life, high-profile, left coast lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play. The producing team plans to show viewers that the cast can be every bit as glamorous, fashionable, fabulous and even as cutthroat as their celebrated-but-fictional counterparts. Source & Preview

'Real L Word' Women Talk Turn-Off, Sex and First Discovery

The women of "The Real L Word" gave an interview to reveal more about their different personalities before the show debuts on June 20. The six lesbian women living in L.A. open up about how their friends describe her, when they first find out they are attracted to same sex, and strangest places they have had sex in. Nikki, an executive in Hollywood who is engaged to fellow cast Jill, says that her friends describe her as "funny" and "over achiever". Meanwhile, Rose who is the inspiration behind "The L Word" character Papi, says that she is a player, a reformed player. Rose additionally said that Mariah Carey's video "Vision of Love" helped her to discover her sexuality. Nikki said she found out when she was 25 while Whitney recalled, "I saw Susanna Hoffs and I was like what is this feeling in my stomach?" Tracy is turned off by women who love men, Whitney by cockiness and Rose by small breasts and rear end. Nikki is turned on by chest area while Rose is excited by smile, breasts and bumps. Source & Preview

Legitimate Lesbians in Los Angeles: A Look at 'The Real L Word'

Just about 40 miles up the road from the real housewives in Orange County are the real lesbians of Los Angeles, and Showtime is presenting a slice of their life in the new reality series 'The Real L Word.' The response by the gay community to the portrayals of bisexuals and lesbians in the original series 'The L Word' was equally divided between delighted and offended, and from a marketing standpoint -- 'The Real L Word' is poised to be just as controversial. Take a peek behind-the-scenes; just be warned that the content is rather racy and not necessarily safe to view at work. To Read More Click Here .

Meet the Lesbians of Showtime's 'The Real L Word'

Showtime has released the first image of their reality version of " The L Word ". Shared via E! Online, the first picture from " The Real L Word " introduces viewers to the six women whose life as lesbians will be exposed. The cable said it is a "rare, fly-on-the-wall look into the lives of attractive and successful L.A. lesbians". The youngest of the crop is 27-year-old Whitney who admits that she is always looking for love "but losing to lust". She works as a special effects artist in Hollywood. Next to her is 29-year-old Tracy who is "new to the lesbian scene". She is trying to deal with her mother who finds it hard that her daughter is a lesbian. Tracy is a film and TV development executive. Jill, 33, is engaged to Nikki, 37, who is also in the show. While Jill is a writer, Nikki is an executive in Hollywood who publicly came out on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". Together they are planning their wedding. Then there's 34-year-old Mikey who loves her motorcycle. Engaged, she is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles who also produces L.A. Fashion Weekend. Meanwhile, 35-year-old Rose is the inspiration behind the original show's Papi. She is a real estates advisor who is in a loving relationship and has the full support of her family. "The Real L Word" premieres on June 20 at 10/9c. Source Here

First Trailer of 'The Real L Word'

Last week, viewers have been informed with the identity of "The Real L Word" women. During the weekend, Showtime gives more introduction to the six lesbians by releasing the first trailer to the reality show which is inspired by "The L Word". The show follows a group of gay and lesbian women as they lived in West Hollywood. Ilene Chaiken who created the scripted show is backing this reality one as producer under production house Magic Elves. "Showtime has yet again come forward to continue with us this mission to entertain and enlighten and bring more 'L' to the world," Chaiken said last year. "We love to tell authentic stories about complex characters and feel like this is an area that has yet to be explored in reality television," Jane Lipsitz from Magical Elves said about the groundbreaking element of the show. The cast include engaged couple Nikki and Jill who are planning their wedding, newbie in the lesbian scene, Tracy, who is dealing with her mother to accept her sexuality and Mikey who is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and producer of LA Fashion Weekend. Joining them are "street-smart wild child" Whitney and the inspiration behind the character Papi, Rose. "The Real L Word" debuts June 20 at 10/9c. Source & Preview