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The Returned Sneak Peek: Is This the End for Julie and Victor?

Parting can be such sorrow. ThisSaturdays episode ofThe Returned(Sundance, 10/9c) may be the end of the line for Julie and Victor, the odd, formerly dead boy whos taken a shine to her. After all, as Viviane points out to Julie in the exclusive clip above, Victor doesnt need you anymore. He has his mother and [] //

'The Returned' is as eerie as ever in new season 2 trailer

Not everyone deserves a second chance, the trailer for The Returned s second season says. But who decides who does ? Thats a central question at the heart of the SundanceTV series first season, which premiered on French television in 2012. Now, three years later, the bone-...   Read More... //

A&E Orders ‘The Returned’ Remake From ‘Lost’ Executive Producer

The living dead are invading our television sets. A&E announced they have ordered 10 episodes of  The Returned  from  Lost  and  Bates Motel executive producer Carlton Cuse and  True Blood ‘s Raelle Tucker. The series is based on the critical French sensation  The Returned  which was itself based on a film. Adding more confusion to the many series about dead loved ones reappearing out of thin air, ABC has a hit on their hands with Resurrection  which is based on a book called  The Returned , but has nothing to do with the French series (got all that?). Read More... //

French Zombie Series 'The Returned' Sells for Scandinavia

National networks in Norway, Finland and Iceland jump on the hit drama, which Zodiak Rights has sold to some 70 territories worldwide.              //

Resurrection Bosses on Similarities to The Returned and Why It's Not a Sci-Fi Show

  ABC's  Resurrection  is not related to or a rip-off of  The Returned , but it is adapted from The Returned . Confused yet? The midseason drama is based on Jason Motts' book  The Returned  and follows a dead 8-year-old boy Jacob ( Landon Gimenez ) who wakes up more than three decades later. Its back-from-the-dead premise is not unlike that of the critically acclaimed French series  The Returned , which aired on the Sundance Channel, and the show's executive producers made sure to steer clear of it. Read More... //

‘The Returned’ Back for Season Two on Sundance Channel

The Sundance Channel acquired the broadcast rights for the second season of the acclaimed supernatural French drama  The Returned . The series that was created by Fabrice Gobert and is based on the feature film Les Revenants by Robin Campillo was set in an idyllic French mountain town where a seemingly random collection of people found themselves in a state of confusion as they attempted to return to their homes. What they didn’t know yet was that they have been dead for several years, and no one was expecting them back. As they struggled to reintegrate with their families and past lovers, buried secrets emerged and new mysteries developed as they grappled with a miraculous and sinister new reality. But it seemed they are not the only ones to have returned from the dead. Their arrival coincided with a series of gruesome murders which bore a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past. Read More... //

'The Returned' Season 1 finale 'La horde' first look: Adele is pregnant

brightcove.createExperiences(); As "The Returned" heads into its Season 1 finale, there are still some big twists to be revealed. One big surprise comes in the above clip of episode 8, "La horde," which is a Zap2it exclusive. Though the Horde is nowhere to be seen here, there is some pretty serious drama happening in the Simon-Adele storyline. In the clip, Simon (Pierre Perrier) and Lucy (Ana Girardot) show up to take Chloe (Brune Martin) away, much to Adele's (Clotilde Hesme) horror. But that isn't the biggest surprise revealed here. It turns out that Adele is pregnant again with Simon's child, this time making it a zombie baby. Expect this to be a pretty big plot point going forward. "The Returned" finale airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday (Dec. 19). What have you thought of this season so far?... //

'The Returned' episode 4 'Victor' first look clip: Lena confronts Camille

brightcove.createExperiences(); The tension between sisters Lena and Camille continues to increase in tonight's episode of "The Returned,""Victor." Zap2it has an exclusive clip from the episode that shows Lena throwing caution to the wind in regards to her sister's identity. When Lena goes to the bar to flirt with Frederic, Lena follows her there to nip that romance in the bud. She shows Frederic the wound that's opened on her back, and claims "cousin Alice" is actually responsible for her injury. Of course, no one believes her -- but they probably should. How will Camille react to her sister's betrayal of her identity? Is she actually responsible for Lena's injury as the sister claims? Tune in to "The Returned" on the Sundance Channel at 9 p.m. on Thursdays to find out.... //

'The Returned' episode 2 'Simon' first look clip: Watch

brightcove.createExperiences(); Sundance Channel's French zombie drama, "The Returned," is the latest supernatural series to take the television landscape by storm. After premiering on Oct. 31 to positive reviews, the story continues in episode 2, "Simon." Zap2it has an exclusive clip from the second episode, which can be watched above. In it, Simon (Pierre Perrier) goes to see his former fiancee Adele (Clotilde Hesme). Though she doesn't understand why he has returned, Adele welcomes him back with open arms. While Simon and Adele try to pick up where they left off, Camille (Yara Pilartz) also tries to return to her family in "Simon." It turns out that reintegrating herself into her former life is something that is easier said than done. All of these personal events unfold against a backdrop of strange happenings that suggest something sinister might be afoot. "The Returned" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Sundance Channel. What do you think of... //

'The Returned' Star Previews French Drama: More Than Just Zombies

Pierre Perrier says he had no idea the show -- which Sundance Channel is bringing to the U.S. -- would become an international hit: "It was a great surprise."              //