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The Returned recap: Esther

Both the living and the returned face old demons.   Read More... //

The Returned recap: Madame Costa

We need to talk about Victor.   Read More... //

'The Returned' recap: 'Morgane'

Julie leaves as Lna arrives.   Read More... //

The Returned Season 2 Premiere Review: The Walking Alive

Mysteries abound as the mountain folk tried to make sense of recent events   Read More... //

‘The Returned’ Season 2 Review: Haunting French Horror Finds New Twists

Halt: If you haven’t watched Season 1 of The Returned, it’s streaming on Netflix and is only 8 episodes; get on it! And if you watched Season 1 of A&E’s version, here’s a guide to who’s who in the French series, as well as a Season 1 catchup. No international TV series really reaches big-time status in the U.S. without getting a (typically ill-fated) American remake. The Returned (titled Les Revenants in France, airing with subtitles here on SundanceTV) got its own American version on A&E last year, and while it was by no means terrible, it failed to conjure the original’s haunting atmosphere and Alpine-set predestination of horror. And despite The Returned dealing with the resurrected dead who appear healthy and normal and don’t want to eat anyone’s flesh, it most certainly is a horror series. READ MORE...

Review: In The Returned, the French Zombie Drama Deepens

This horror series remains ambiguous and mesmerizing at the start of its second season.   Read More... //

The Returned Series Premiere Review: Living, Breathing Memories

"Camille" was about as strong a pilot as any television show can pull off, and The Returned looks to be the kind of program you hope for as a viewer: one that asks big questions while entertaining you in a familiar, yet groundbreaking sort of way.  Read More... //

TV Review: Sundance Channel’s The Returned Is Uncannily Beautiful

  We're up to our eyeballs in supernatural shows right now. Witches and vampires, zombies and mutants, mythological creatures and ghosts: They're everywhere, and they're mostly telling us freaky stories (see American Horror Story ) or spooky stories ( Ravenswood ), or stories meant to frighten ( The Walking Dead ) or titillate us ( The Vampire Diaries ), or both ( True Blood ). At this point, though, it feels like those shows poke at the same point in our psyches. But the French import Les Revenants (a.k.a. The Returned ), which premieres tonight on Sundance Channel at 9 p.m., takes a wholly different approach, one that doesn't go for scary or sexy. Les Revenants is uncanny.  Read More... //

Review: Sundance's 'The Returned' brings the dead back to life

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews Sundance's "The Returned," a French drama series about dead people returning to life.  Read More... //

The Returned: TV Review

This mesmerizing and creepy French series, airing on Sundance, is less about zombies in a traditional sense than an existential meditation on life and death -- of the most riveting, unsettling kind.              //