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12 moments from 'The Royals' premiere that would make the Queen of England faint

There's something not quite right with "The Royals." The premiere of E!'s first scripted show about the royal family has everything a viewer could want from a soapy, campy show. It has scandal, sex, backstabbing, a delicious antagonist you fear and yet want to be -- hey there, Elizabeth Hurley -- scantily clad men and women, drugs, alcohol and accents. But it has one major flaw: It's pretty unbelievable. Specifically, it's unbelievable that the royal family, or rather Mark Schwahn's version of the royal family, would act the way that "The Royals" do. From the amount of eyeliner Hurley's queen wears to the number of times her disastrous daughter, Princess Eleanor (played by Alexandra Park), says "FML," it just doesn't hold any credibility. The thing is, if the audience were led to believe that the family were just an average royal family living in the year 2015, the premise could possibly pass as being... //