60 minutes

Shannara is set in our world, but thousands of years after the destruction of civilization. The tale is centered on the Shannara family, whose descendants are empowered with ancient magic and whose adventures continuously reshape the future of the world.
Mar 15, 2019 3:22AM EDT

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Marketed for Young Adults, clearly, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I like the more straight-forwardness of YA stories sometimes.

To be clear: It's not a great show. It's hammy, the dialogue is cringe-worthy at times, and it feels a little too much like a Tolkien clone injected with puberty. Even so, it's entertaining and the production quality is nice.

If anything holds this show back, it's that everything seems a little too easy, and nothing seems dangerous enough. The stakes don't seem very high, the tension isn't tense enough, and the relationships are all a little too easy. It reminds me of the beginner zones in RPG games, where you can't really mess up even though there are some manufactured situations to appear important and serious.

I hope the show leaves the beginner zone someday.


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