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'The Sing-Off' Season 4 Premiere Recap: 10 Groups Hit All the Right Notes

The only a capella competition on television makes a return.  Read More... //

The Sing-Off “The Sing-Off Christmas Live!” Review

Although the competition  on  The Sing-Off  officially ended last week, fans were treated to a follow upChristmas  special this week featuring  The Sing-Off  alum from the past 3 seasons. The three groups that have taken  The Sing-Off  title in the past three seasons, Nota, Committed and Pentatonix, opened  the night with a fantastic arrangement  of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" that provided a unique opportunity to directly compare the sounds of  The Sing-Off  champions. With the three groups singing side by side , I was not only struck by how talented the three groups were, but by how distinct their sounds were.  The Sing-Off  has not resulted in three groups that sound exactly like one another, rather American audiences have been introduced to three variations on an a capella theme. It was great to hear the familiar voices of the prior season’s winners, but I was thrilled to hear some of the fan favorites from prior seasons as well. Delilah teamed up with the Backbeats for a cover of "All I Want For Christmas" that was just as fun as the original. The Beezelbubs, On The Rocks and Dartmouth Aires teamed up for an arrangement of "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" that was much more tamely choreographed than most of the performances by the three groups but still completely entertaining. Read More... //

'The Sing-Off' judges talk ratings, 'The X Factor' and choosing a winner

Frontrunners Pentatonix rightfully ended up taking the title in"The Sing-Off's" third season finale Monday night (Nov. 28), but judges Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles and Shawn Stockman all agreed after the show that they were relieved the final decision wasn't up to them. "I'm really happy we didn't have to choose," Bareilles tells Zap2it. "To be honest, this would've been really, really hard for us."Folds admits that at a certain point, the judging could've gone any way. "Honestly, I was tired of walking out of here choosing these groups. Sick of it," he says. "I think they're all great. Really, after the first or second week, I threw my hands up. We just picked someone who made me feel good at that moment that I felt we could put out there. Then we look back and see two weeks ago and go 'Oh man, I forgot about that group.' He continued: "Vocal Point, tonight, when they sang... //

'The Sing Off' finale: Five things you didn't see

"The Sing Off" Season 3 came to a close Nov. 28 with a live finale, and Zap2it was on the scene for the two-hour event. While our late-night DVR playback reveals you caught most of the best moments on the national broadcast, here are a few behind-the-scenes tidbits you missed.1. Pentatonix are legit friends. Although you can tell from the Trevor Project package that the quintet has grown close and all the members are very supportive of one another, you missed the adorable group hug before the cameras turned on for the performance of "Without You."2. What do the judges do during commercial breaks? Sara Barellies is an avid texter, while Shawn Stockman spent a few breaks chilling with an adorable little boy whom we're assuming is some sort of family member. (Son? Nephew? Either way, they hugged and it was cute.) Ben Folds just kinda hung out.3. Sara Bareilles is a fan just like... //

'The Sing-Off' Season 3 Finale Results: The A Cappella-Palooza Chooses Its Champion

Tonight's Sing-Off season 3 finale may have been 110 minutes of filler and 10 minutes of results, but at least it was smile-inducing, soul-lifting, toe-tapping filler. In between performances by the final three groups -- the Dartmouth Aires, Urban Method and Pentatonix -- we learned about each group's charity efforts, and heard reunion songs by the male and female members of the Sing-Off Top 10 acts. Judges Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds and host Nick Lachey also got in on the fun, taking turns performing medleys with the final groups. (Nick Lachey singing 98 Degrees with Pentatonix? Equal parts awesome and hilarious. It was a nice reminder that he's better at singing than hosting.) Plus, no big deal, the legendary Smokey Robinson popped in for a spell, as did rapper Flo Rida. If the show had stopped there, you might have thought you were watching an NBC holiday special about the emotional and cultural power of a cappella. (But no, because that airs next Monday, and it's called The Sing-Off Christmas special, and it's not a joke! It is a real thing that is happening!) //

Pentatonix Triumphant on 'The Sing-Off' Finale

Pentatonix's sacrifice to join " The Sing-Off " has been paid off. The electro-funky quintet, whose members dropped out of school to compete on the singing competition, were crowned the winner of the NBC show's season 3.  On the Monday, November 28 finale, Pentatonix took the stage to perform  David Guetta 's "Without You" and collaborate with host  Nick Lachey  to sing "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)", which was made popular by his former group, 98 Degrees.  Read More... //

'The Sing-Off' Season 3 Champs Are ...

The Sing-Off  may not have received the same attention its NBC cohorts at  The Voice  or Fox newcomer  The X Factor  got this season. But in many ways, Season 3 has gone the farthest in redefining what a cappella could be and how it could be relevant in today's music landscape. Its finalists included a group with an electronica bend, another that fused the singing style with hip-hop, and an all-male collegiate group with a flare for theatrics. The show opened with an ensemble performance of Michael Jackson's  "The Way You Make Me Feel" highlighting the season's breakout solo stars: Dartmouth Aires' Michael, Pentatonix's Scott and Urban Method's Katie.   Read  More... //

'The Sing-Off' winner: Pentatonix tunes out Dartmouth Aires and Urban Method

On Monday (Nov. 28), the Season 3 winners of "The Sing-Off" were announced. It wasn't much of a surprise -- Pentatonix have been the front-runner for several weeks now. Though both were "on the edge of glory" tonight, as Nick Lachey said, Pentatonix won! Members of the group dropped out of school in the hopes of winning the $200,000 Sony recording contract, so they were probably beyond relieved when Lachey called their names.Though they took the stage first, it was a big night for all three finalists.Pentatonix was featured first. They had chosen to dedicate some time this week to the Los Angeles based charity The Trevor Project, which combats teen bullying and gives bullied teens a place to turn when they're troubled. After their package, they took the stage, singing David Guetta's "Without You." Ben Folds commended them on their "butt-shaking bass" singers.Later, Pentatonix had the distinguished honor of performing "Give Me Just One... //

THE SING-OFF “Live Finale: Top 3 Finalists” Review

THE SING-OFF  "Live Finale: Top 3 Finalists" Season 3, Episode 10 – All is right again in the a capella world tonight as Pentatonix was crowned the season  three champions of  The Sing-Off . After last week’s elimination of Afro-Blue pulled the rug out from under  me, I wasn’t sure what to expect  from the results of the viewer votes but thankfully the majority of voters shared my opinion of Pentatonix and they were awarded the coveted Sony recording deal and a $200,000 cash prize. This final episode of  The Sing-Off  was a little strange because it wasn’t a competition anymore. Because none of the performances made any difference in the competition, it lacked the suspense that normally accompanies every performance. It was like watching a senior recital  where the graduating groups could put on their final show while the judges talked about why each group was special and how proud they were of their growth. The video sections highlighted the charities that the three groups had worked with and we took a look back at what the final 3 groups went through behind the scenes of  The Sing-Off . I really liked seeing these groups behind the scenes and there were a couple moments where I got choked up realizing that this whole competition was a life changing experience for everyone involved, regardless of how far along they got in  The Sing-Off . Read More... //

The Sing-Off Review: The Final Four

We're down to the final four on The Sing-Off and it's actually time for America to make a real vote. The groups opened with a multiple song mash-up and, from there, the competition was on. Read on for a rundown. Round One – Mastermixes Pentatonix - Forget You/Since U Been Gone- The group worried about the pressure of the competition and people complaining about how songs wouldn't sound right. Technically, that's what a mash-up is for: making several songs come together through magic. The two tracks managed to use the vocal limitations of five people correctly by picking one male and one female song. I thought the key of Scott took a little bit to adjust to, especially when Kirstin's vocals were a lot closer to Kelly Clarkson's. I liked the dub-step battle in the middle. My Grade: B+ Read More.... //