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Injured astronaut Steve Austin gains amazing powers to battle crime after receiving experimental limbs in this cult series, which inspired a wave of superhero shows in the 1970s. The ABC adventure originated as a trio of TV-movies in 1973, before joining the weekly schedule in January 1974. `The Six Million Dollar Man' spawned the equally successful `Bionic Woman' with Lindsay Wagner as Steve's female counterpart and sometime love interest. The cyborg couple appeared in three reunion flicks.
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by cLoUless
Jun 19, 2015 2:19PM EDT

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This show is based on the movie with the same title. Lee Majors is refitted with bionic bodyparts after a disatrous crash. After his upgrade he becomes a nearly unstoppable agent, giving the bad guys some taste of the future. This show and the movie is from the mid-70's and there are quite some moments I had to smirk when I watched it for the first time in the 90's. But in retrospect, this show was ahead of its time: Robocop, Universal Soldier, Cyborg or the amazing clasic Blade Runner came much later. It was not great, but nice - but I myself liked Majors in "The Fall Guys" better, no bionics, but his GMC was so cool.


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