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The Soup

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Wednesdays, 10:00 PM EST on E!
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11 Seasons, 555 Episodes
30 Minutes
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With this satirical series, the E! Entertainment Network returns to a format they helped create with the popular '90s show Talk Soup. Only this time instead of just poking fun at talk shows, they're setting their sights on all things in entertainment, reality TV, pop culture, and politics.


February 22nd, 2008

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Joel McHale takes a look back at the week's can't miss pop culture and reality TV moments.

Episode Reviews

by teltigre


Great show with awesome characters and good (although some aren't always) battle scenes.

by Jacqueline N Brown


need a adventure story with heart romance and a good ending. then this is for you. while it not as long as you would like because the action in this story is about as good as the story itself and you will asking for me after you starting watching it. the story revolves around a boy who sacrifices himself to save someone. then to find out it not his time. finally coming back with the help of his best friend he achieves powers and goes on a amazing adventure being a spirit detective in the series of a king

by 1qmal


Nice show. It ended well, although it skipped a few parts of the manga, but it managed to end without leaving us hanging. Oh, no fillers(or fillers doesn't affect the series)

by tmaver12



by mmfollower


exciting and alot of fights but it should have had more of a story