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"The Soup Clipdown '09, Part 1"

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Joel counts the down the top clips of the year including: #40: Today show contestant winner in disbelief after being named kid reporter #39: Biggest Loser trainer Bob verbally goes off on an unmotivated contestant #38: Miley Cyrus's inappropriate ice-cream pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards #37: Ray J giving a "spoiler alert" warning for his show, For the Love of Ray J, in which he spoils everything #36: Tyra Banks's cautionary tale about the dangers of texting while driving on Tyra #35: Nancy Grace cuts Jon Gosselin down to on The Insider #34: Real Chance of Love 2 skanks (er, contestants) attempt to sing?! #33: FOX L.A. news report on a tanning salon owner accused of ripping off his customers, whose temper flares when he's confronted #32: More to Love plus- bachelor attempts to seduce plus- bachelorette #31: Hell's Kitchen contestant Joseph stands up to chef Gordon Ramsay ("I ain't no bitch!") #30: Introduction of Wife Swap family, the Linkins of Virginia, who are quite possibly the most unmotivated family in America #29: So You Think You Can Dance contestant's creepy dance interpretation of Coldplay's "Vida La Vida" Bonus Clip: Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass's not-so-subtle double entendre #28: Sex Decoy: Love Stings cheater gets caught and then is a little too brutally honest #27: New York Goes to Work features New York inseminating pigs on a farm. #26: Miss Universe 2009 paegant contestant Miss Dominican Republic responds to a question about HIV testing with "Goodnight, Bahamas!" #25: Celebrity Apprentice contestant Clint Black airs his "dirty laundry" in a faux commercial for either laundry detergent or masturbation?! #24: The Numbeo Uno "Clippos Magnificos!" from Valeria featuring the most awesome cat fight ever! #23: Toddlers & Tiaras judge explains the rules about the swimswear competition for 6-year-olds?! #22: Grammy Awards performance of Stevie Wonder's hit song, "Superstition," featuring Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers, who apparenty don't know the lyrics #21: One Tree Hill's heart-patient Dan Scott, while awaiting a heart-transplant, is shocked when his new heart lands on the hospital floor and ends up in a near-by dog's mouth
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