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The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2, Episode 13: "Final Curtain" - Review

That was awesome, huh? The Spectacular Spider-Man's second season came to a close with a terrific episode, which gave a conclusive answer to the mystery of who the Green Goblin was, provided a ton of great action, and delivered a tense and exciting half hour of television. This was a jam-packed episode, which really got rolling when Harry confessed to Peter that he had been the Green Goblin - a very funny moment had Peter catch himself at his casual, "Uh huh, uh huh" reaction to news that he shouldn't already know. But when Harry revealed he had no real memory of being the Goblin and had been recently kidnapped by someone else wearing the costume, it suddenly meant the true identity of the Green Goblin was still up in the air - and that Norman Osborn was a very likely suspect. Thanks to the common knowledge we all have on the character, we all figured it was Norman of course - which made it confusing and interesting for both the audience and Peter when the Green Goblin attacked Spidey right in front of both Harry and Norman. In the midst of this was some very well-handled material dealing with Peter's love life, as he and Gwen finally confessed how they felt about each other and that they wanted to be together - leaving them the take of breaking up with Liz and Harry first. The scene in which Peter broke up with Liz felt very real and emotional in a way I'm sure those who only hear about this show without watching it would find surprising. The popular cheerleader Liz couldn't contend with the fact that the geeky guy she'd fallen for would dare be the one to break up with her in front of her friends, and so loudly made a spectacle of making it appear as though she was the one dumping him. The fate of The Spectacular Spider-Man remains up in the air, but this episode laid the groundwork for some cool elements for Season 3. The Connors' moved away, leaving Miles Warren in charge of the lab - which of course can't be a good thing. I loved Martha telling Gwen, "You and Pete can learn a lot from him but don't learn too much." And Norman getting off the phone with "Gargan" was a cool nod to the fact that Scorpion is on the way. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now