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'The Taste' Season 3 winner: Gabe Kennedy, Benjamin Burke or Tristen Epps, who won?

"The Taste" crowned its winner for Season 3, which came down to a final five of Eric LeBlanc from Team Anthony Bourdain, Jen Royle and Benjamin Burke from Team Ludo Lefebvre and Gabe Kennedy and Tristen Epps from Team Marcus Samuelsson. So, who won? After three challenges to narrow down the field, Gabe Kennedy, the 23-year-old private chef from Brooklyn, was declared the winner of the $100,000 prize and his own cooking series on Second place went to Benjamin Burke and in third place was Tristen Epps. But how did they get there?The final five challenge was judged by guest chef Jonathan Waxman and it saw home cook and sports reporter Jen Royle eliminated, which meant that "The Taste" would for sure crown its first male winner. The surf 'n turf final four challenge saw Gabe and Tristen each win two more gold stars -- bringing Gabe's total to a record-setting nine gold stars... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Finale

It's the finale! Five cooks went into the competition The Taste Season 3 Episode 7 , but only one came out a winner. So, who earned the title of the best undiscovered cook in America? One thing is for sure, the finale was made to be a very special event. The judges even dressed for the occasion, and the contestants' families were there to watch the whole thing. That's got to be a heck of a lot of pressure for the contestants, but it definitely adds to the excitement. Oh, and the other contestants were there too, but some of them didn't exactly look thrilled to be there.  Read More... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Bring the Heat

The Taste has always been an intense cooking competition, but on The Taste Season 3 Episode 6 , there were tears, tempers, and screaming declarations. What else would you expect from the semifinals?! Fittingly, the theme was "bring the heat" with a focus on spicy food. But some of the cooks were able to handle that idea better than others. Before we get into the competition, we've got to talk about some of the emotion that was brought out this week. There's a reason why cooking shows are popular and why there are so many of them, and that's because food is something we are all able to relate to in some way. When Marcus asked Gabe what has inspired him to cook so well, his answer was all about his family. This was certainly something that Marcus was able to relate to.   Read More... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Latin

As the competition gets closer on The Taste Season 3 Episode 5 , there are displays of strong loyalty and bad tempers. We're at a point where we know most of the cooks pretty well, and this episode offered even more back story for them. Those details aren't quite as telling, though, as the way they are all handling the competition. When Team Ludo came up last for the team challenge, the entire team refused to say which one of their teammates they thought should go home. Even Ludo was impressed by the loyalty. Rather than throwing each other under the bus, Jen, Ben, and Dan stood with their arms around one another as they awaited Ludo's decision. I always find it cruel that the cooks are asked to say which of their teammates should go home, so this was a really nice change of pace.   Read More... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! On The Taste Season 3 Episode 4 the remaining cooks created decadent dishes based on a "Happy New Year" theme. They included bone marrow, caviar, lobster, and a few ingredients I honestly had to Google. But for me, that's one of the reasons I love watching this show. Not that I can ever imagine I'll cook with beef heart, but hey, you never know!   Read More... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! That was the theme of The Taste Season 3 Episode 3 . Happy it was, for some at least. For others, not so much. Thankfully, the drama was kept to a minimum on this episode, with more focus on the cooking competition. Sure, there was some smack talk, but as it should be, this show understands it needs to focus more on food and less on having the cooks become enemies.   Read More... //

The Taste Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Auditions and Childhood

Hooray!  The Taste  is back for its third season, and everything about it is fantastic. Well, almost everything. The Taste Season 3 Episode 1  stayed true to its original idea of cooks being judged solely on the taste of their food. It also reminded us why these sorts of cooking competition shows are so fun to watch. The judges this season are Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Marcus Samuelsson. Of course, these four are competitive, and there’s a little smack talk, but it’s not enough to get in the way of the actual competition.   Read More... //

'The Taste''s Anthony Bourdain talks fish confusion and bad table manners

HitFix's Liane Bonin Starr talks to "The Taste" judge Anthony Bourdain about the legacy of his book "Kitchen Confidential," what his show has in common with "The Voice" and whether or not one bite is a fair assessment of a chef's talent. //

'The Taste' Review: An Inedible 'Voice' Rip-Off for Foodies

It's an interesting concept. Chefs, both professional and amateur, get one hour to cook a single bite that fits on a serving spoon. Then a panel of four renowned culinary minds tastes it and judges whether the person deserves to move on in the competition. //