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Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11 "

Tatami Galaxy pulled back a huge layer of itself in the last episode as our lead started moving across the various parallel worlds that are connected via his small 4.5 tatami room. Taking us into these parallel worlds and giving reason for what is happening, though not the why, Tatami Galaxy became an interesting series here toward the end as it played in a very fun realm, albeit a bit too late in my mind. With the discovery made and attempts at contacting his other selves having ended badly for the most part, he's now just wandering the halls of all of them in some effort to discern the small differences that make up each of these selves so he can understand what it is that's failing across all of them. The realization that Ozu may be at the crux of his problems is a difficult one as he looks through the various lives. In nearly all of them, it comes across that Ozu is the only friend he's really had but also the one that's causing the most trouble for him, taking an otherwise happy campus life and throwing it out the window to something far more difficult and problematic. Discovering Ozu's phone has him understanding all the things that Ozu has ended up with in our leads place and the kind of crazy schemes he's come up with as well. Very little about Ozu is on the up and up and the lead's discovery of his phone and these key bits of information hasn't changed much since he's not sure what's really real in a way. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 10 "

With the tenth episode of the series, Tatami Galaxy turns its focus onto the actual world of tatami mats, to good effect at that. It opens to a lovely sequence where our lead discusses the variety of tatami sized rooms and why each of them are different and how he views those differences. There's a few quirky nods to it when he talks about people disappearing over the single tatami rooms that may or may not exist, as well as their friends disappearing. He also can't understand why people would want larger rooms than what he considers the ideal 4.5 tatami room as in those places, you can get lost easily and you almost feel like the room is alive in its own way where it would stalk you. So, unlike past episodes, our lead spends the next two years of his college life spending the majority of his time in his room rather than joining circles and going to events that would lead him to all manner of trouble as we'd seen. It's a good life and he enjoys it thoroughly, but as time goes on he starts to do a bit off the deep end. He's not exactly paranoid, but there's a sense of things going on around him and he starts to hunker in a bit more than before. This part of the sequence is fun as it draws in more live action shots and backgrounds than we've had before to good effect, especially when we see him opening the curtains a bit to look outside. I've liked some of the live action bits brought in to previous episodes, but they were mostly minimal in how they stood out. Here it's more prominent but because of the small space it works very well. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

With a nod towards a previous episode involving bicycles and flying machines, Tatami Galaxy has our lead going into a new life where he's fairly wealthy, at least in his mind, leading him to fancy dinners, high priced women and a whole lot of wine and song. At least for a few seconds through the opening montage before Akashi slaps him silly for being like he is, so focused on power instead of what's truly important. Yet that small slap in the grand scheme of things hits him rather profoundly, even if he's not aware of it at first, since it sparks something inside him about how his life should be lived. What our lead ends up into when things get rolling is a new club called the Secret Society Lucky Cat Chinese Restaurant where there's quite the interesting setup. To his surprise, it actually is a secret society that's full of a lot of branches and circles that it uses to control the entire university through all the various means at its disposal. The Society is pretty detailed in what it knows as it showcases all of it to our lead with a lot of detail, enough so that it causes him to throw his lot in pretty quickly with them. He's drawn in by the potential for power here as he understands what the possibilities are within the organization as a member of its Library Police, but it's something that puts him on the wrong side of a lot of people which gives them a rather negative view of him. And considering one of his big college life dreams is to find a Japanese beauty to fall in love with, that's not going to help in the slightest. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy Episode #08 Review

After dealing with an episode that had our lead going down a fairly disturbing path of loving a doll, he's about to go in a different direction this time which is absolutely no surprise. The focus this time around reboots him to trying a new club called the Reading Sea Circle where it's essentially a large book club. It's not exactly the most engaging of clubs for getting together and meeting other people, especially in his pursuit of a raven haired Japanese maiden to call his own, as the club is pretty strict with everyone reading at once without saying a word to each other. Through a little bit of luck, he gets a book that has a name and address in it that he attempts to contact. This starts a two year journey of pen pals who exchange numerous letters and get to know each other in great detail. With lots of flowers floating around the screen as he recollects all that happened, it's very girly and appropriate for this kind of story as we see Keiko going through her days, though she's an indistinct character overall. Our nameless lead romanticizes his life as he reads and writes these letters to an amusing degree, but more than anything he gets a little stressed over the entire thing as the letters continue to flow. There's a fair bit of charm as the letters go back and forth and we see how our lead is handling it, though one of his rules is that he can never, ever, meet her since that would just eliminate the entire fantasy aspect of it. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Hero Show Association "

Our nameless lead is once again in pursuit of love and happiness and has found himself in an unusual position. His search of the right club initially leads him to a Hero club where he gets to dress up as Mochiguman and entertain the kids with fun little matches against suited villains. His first gig has him helping out Akaishi when he sees her out in the audience being accosted by a couple of punks who want to party with her. With the help of the kids in the audience, they're able to drive back the punks and he makes a good impression on her, though he ends up back in his normal mode not long after that. His normal mode of course being a descent into the weird and unusual as he ends up helping out Jougaski by watching over his doll. The life sized doll is quite beautiful, well taken care of and filled with a sense of elegance. But the owner takes it to the extreme with a full menu of things that needs to be done while he's away and that kind of freaks out our lead. He wants nobody to know about this, but a certain demon faced friend knows all and it puts him in a mild panic over anyone else finding out. At the same time, he's realizing that there may be more to this doll as he's starting to hear her voice and wondering if she may really be real and he's just not noticed it all this time. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "English Conversation Circle"

The rose colored glasses are out again as our nameless lead has ended up in a new lucb, this time an English Language Conversation Club since it's one of the more prominent languages across multiple lands, and he wants to up his chances on meeting beautiful women this way. With his push into this particular club, he once again comes across the creepy looking Ozu who easily finds himself able to wheedle his way into the leads life and begins to twist and corrupt everything that he gets into. It's a very, very, very familiar routine at this point and there aren't any significant changes to the overall idea and you can feel yourself almost tuning it out some as we see it every episode. Much of the overall concept is the same here as we see our lead going through the motions of trying to get close to a particular woman, this time Haunki of the English conversation club, and invariably things don't go well and Ozu gets involved in some way that makes it even worse. What's amusing about this one in particular is that because it is an English conversation club, we do get a fair number of lines spoken in English which obviously sound amusing, much as my own spoken Japanese would amuse a native there. These moments are relatively few though in the overall scope of the episode and it actually feels like we spend more time in the drinking contest he gets into with Jogusaki than the English conversation side. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy Episode #05 Review

Our nameless lead starts off his college life again as he attempts to find a new club from which to mingle with people and potentially find his pure Japanese beauty for life. This time he ends up falling in love with the softball circle Honwaka in which he sees them spending idyllic days chatting and playing with each other, all of which is underscored by there being no real drive for winning tournaments or the like. His view is so rose colored that it's really quite amusing as it plays out as it shows just how disconnected from reality he's becoming as time goes on. Unsurprisingly, as the conversations do play out, our lead speaks things that goes against the groups general idyllic beliefs and he find himself ostracized from the group. His only friend is the devil/turnip faced Ozu who leads him further down the path of unpleasantness. The only thing that keeps him involved as much as he is with the team is the arrival of someone important to the team, a very beautiful faceless young woman named Kohinata. She doesn't actually play any softball but her connections are what makes her important to the team as a supporter but it's all meaningless to our lead who is simply very attracted to her, though Ozu does try to warn him off a little bit. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy Episode #04 Review

Tatami Galaxy moves right along in its fourth episode by being predictably unpredictable. The reboot of sorts that occurs in each episode now has our nameless college student starting all over again and falling for some flyers that has him drawn into a strange group. That group is led by a master who takes him on as an unwilling disciple through which they do all sorts of strange and pointless things, arguing throughout the night about boobs, drinking heavily and so forth. The added strangeness to the story is that the Master is actively wanted by the Library Police and his disciples help in making sure that he's not caught. Our student's life takes several unusual turns as part of his Master's training and the final exam for him involves finding a mystical toilet brush made from special material not seen in decades due to concerns it would put certain businesses out of business. There's a little flashback that covers its origins for the material and so forth, but it's just another strange and unusual thread with no real meaning. So our student heads off to search for it since they're still being made in secret and he ends up gaining the help of the girl of his dreams with Akashi joining the episode. The two spend a fair bit of time together searching for it, though she tends to take the lead on it, and eventually they do find the brush for Master Higuchi. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy Episode #03 Review

After the second episode where it essentially reboots the show a bit but with some change and a sense of déjà vu for our nameless lead, I'm unsure of how I feel about this show. Sometimes going this route can be highly fascinating, especially when you get fans who want to break it down frame by frame and really work it over. Other times it can be really annoying and cause you to jump off of it easily as you can feel like you're never going to really get anywhere with it. For a lot of people, I suspect the third episode is a make or break piece for whether they'll continue on it with it or not. With the first two circles dealt with, our lead has been rebooted into starting his college career again and this time deciding that bicycling will be his thing. His goal is of course the same in that it's all about finding the right girl to do these bike rides with and to have that young romance that will make his college days sparkle. And just like his previous circle experiences, Ozu is again at hand as a friend of the lead's who does nothing but cause trouble. Our nameless young man hasn't been doing so well in the circle and often can't keep up with everyone else who is all above and beyond into cycling, which has him feeling very left out from events. And that just leaves him spending his time with Ozu. Read More Click Me!

Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Episode 2"

I'm still not quite sure what to make of this series after the first episode in which we were introduced to our nameless student who found himself befriended by an absolute devil of a student named Ozu. Ozu leads him into a number of bad situations that the nameless one spells out in rapid succession with a very fast paced speech style. As it progressed and we got to know the woman he was eyeing to some degree, the relationship side of the show became a bit more interesting and the episode wrapped up well. The second episode moves right along in a different direction though it retains Ozu's devilish behavior in spades. This episode has the nameless one joining the movie circle in which he tries to participate to the best of his abilities, but he finds that the whole thing is run like a dictatorship. The senior student, an eight year named Jougasaki, treats the whole circle like his own little kingdom. He's gone so far in the past as to have all the girls go topless in order to judge who would be good for a role, though nothing requiring nudity or any kind of cleavage-ranking would be needed for it. Seeing what Jougasaki is doing and feeling for his own humiliation as well as other freshman, the nameless one proceeds to be goaded into action by Ozu to film the dastardly things that Jougasaki does and to build a movie out of it that will be shown in place of the official one the circle is working on. Read More Click Me!