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Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11 "

Tatami Galaxy pulled back a huge layer of itself in the last episode as our lead started moving across the various parallel worlds that are connected via his small 4.5 tatami room. Taking us into these parallel worlds and giving reason for what is happening, though not the why, Tatami Galaxy became an interesting series here toward the end as it played in a very fun realm, albeit a bit too late in my mind. With the discovery made and attempts at contacting his other selves having ended badly for the most part, he's now just wandering the halls of all of them in some effort to discern the small differences that make up each of these selves so he can understand what it is that's failing across all of them. The realization that Ozu may be at the crux of his problems is a difficult one as he looks through the various lives. In nearly all of them, it comes across that Ozu is the only friend he's really had but also the one that's causing the most trouble for him, taking an otherwise happy campus life and throwing it out the window to something far more difficult and problematic. Discovering Ozu's phone has him understanding all the things that Ozu has ended up with in our leads place and the kind of crazy schemes he's come up with as well. Very little about Ozu is on the up and up and the lead's discovery of his phone and these key bits of information hasn't changed much since he's not sure what's really real in a way. Read More Click Me!