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Tudors Get a Season III

Showtime announced today that it has picked up The Tudors for a 3rd season, which will be airing in the summer of 2009 (production will start in June). Says the head of Showtime, "The Tudors is now a fixture for us at Showtime, and we're on our way to completing the entire saga of all six wives of Henry VIII". Guess that means there will be a lot more Tudors to come! Source: Zap2it

Meet the Tudors

Gearing up for this Sunday's Season 2 Premiere of The Tudors , NY Magazine's Vulture introduces each of the characters on the program and compares the actors portraying each of the historical figures - including Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Thomas More, Charles Brandon and Thomas Cromwell - to the way that the figures actually looked. The conclusion: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is just a wee bit more attractive (and by wee bit we mean massively) than history suggests Henry VIII was, as are all of actors in relation to their figures respectively, and Vulture hilariously fixates on this point. Honestly though, I'm alright with a little bit of revisionist history - if it makes my TV viewing experience more pleasurable - and I bet Henry VIII wouldn't mind either! Meet the Tudors