The Underdog Show
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The Underdog Show

"A New Villain (4)"

Date Aired: Dec 16, 1966 (United States)

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The Electric Eel and his gang head for Washington, D.C. to take over the country. But Underdog is on the mend; the waters of the lake sap the electric charges from the Eel's trap. Underdog heads for Polly's TV station, where he finds out that the crooks are heading for our nation's capitol to force the President to turn over control of the country to them. Quickly, Underdog heads for the Sandwich Glass Blowing Factory. When he gets there, he asks the factory's owners to show him their biggest glass jar. When they can't find a glass jar big enough to hold a man, Underdog learns how to blow his own giant glass jar. Armed with the jar, Underdog flies to Washington, D.C. where he puts the Electric Eel in the giant glass jar. One less Electric Eel on the streets.
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