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The Venture Bros. Just. Changed. Everything. (Again.)

The Venture Bros. just blew themselves up. I'm not referring to Hank and Dean, actually, who used to have a nasty habit of dying horribly. I'm referring to the show itself, which returned with an hour-long special that not only brought years of storylines to an end, but set up a new status quo for the Venture universe.     Read More... //

The Venture Bros: "All This and Gargantua-2" Review

The Venture Bros. returns (briefly) for an hour-long special set in space. Will this episode tide fans over until Season 6?   Read More... //


And now we come to the end of another Venture Bros season. Unless scientists hurry up and deliver those life-extending nanobots they're always going on about, this may be the last new episode most people reading this will ever see. And that's assuming society doesn't collapse due to global warming or zombie outbreaks before Season 6 becomes a reality. READ MORE...

Hank turns supervillain in a family bombshell-dropping Venture Bros.

See this picture? This is Hank, dressed as a supervillain, breaking into a bank in order to get thrown into an insane asylum for criminal supervillains. So you may not believe me when I say that Hank is, without any doubt, the most well-adjusted member of the Venture family at the moment. Read More... //


Venture Bros. isn't really what most would label a plot-driven series. There's certainly a great deal of mythology and complex character relationships that have built up over time, but individually each episode is more focused on delivering absurd scenarios and character conflicts. "O.S.I. Love You" was a departure in that regard. As far as this series goes, it was unusually plot-driven as it explored the ongoing fate of Monstroso and Molotov (Molostro? Monstrotov?) and built up the threat of the mysterious, vampiric Investors. Fortunately, "O.S.I. Love You" didn't forget to be entertaining along the way. READ MORE...


One of the great joys of Venture Bros. is watching the characters change and evolve over the course of multiple seasons in a way that you rarely see in any medium. Even in superhero comics, major changes and character deaths tend to be wiped out and the status quo restored within a handful of years. Not so with this series. And perhaps no character has enjoyed a stronger and more bizarre arc over the past couple seasons than Gary, the man formerly known as Henchman 21. The Season 4 finale saw him abandon the Monarch's employ for the glamorous life of S.P.H.I.N.X. And the Season 5 premiere saw Gary left behind as Brock and the gang reenlisted with O.S.I., now the leader of the one-man operation that is S.P.H.I.N.X.. Where does a former henchman go from there? READ MORE...


At its core, The Venture Bros. and its four person lead cast is basically a spoof of Johnny Quest. But with all the bizarre twists and turns the series' mythology has taken over the years, it's been a long time since any episode really followed the formula of the family embarking on a globe-trotting adventure for the pursuit of science and adventure. "Venture Libre" was sort of a novel return to the past in that regard, even though it offered its fair share of twists on an old formula. READ MORE...

Venturestein returns to lead a monstrous revolution in Venture Bros.

The great thing about The Venture Bros . is that I can say “Venture Libre” was a pretty average episode, and yet it featured a monster revolutionary movement, Hank eating coffee beans until he turns into Batman, a jetpack attached to a giant crab, and Frankenstein Sarah Palin. I love you, The Venture Bros . Read More... //


Few shows tend to leave fans hanging between seasons as long as The Venture Bros. Luckily, the wait always tends to be worth it. That holds true even for the Season 5 premiere, which is finally arriving on Adult Swim some two-and-a-half years after Season 4 wrapped up with "Operation P.R.O.M." That finale was the first hour-long installment of the series, and Season 5 kicks off with another extended adventure. While it's obvious where the divide between the two halves would have occurred (Sgt. Hatred screaming "Student Green is people!"), the two halves combined to form a cohesive whole. "What Color is Your Cleansuit?" offered a delightfully surreal look at a recruitment drive gone horribly wrong. READ MORE...

Venture Brothers Season Finale Review: "Operation: P.R.O.M."

With Dean and Hank having graduated earlier this year, it only made sense to end the season with a prom. However, just like all things Venture Brothers, "Operation P.R.O.M." had more going for it than you'd expect. Indeed, this week’s one-hour season finale had so many game changers, it's best to break it down by item: Henchman 21: Henchman 21 (Gary) quit the Monarch after working with SPHINX and realizing he has more to offer than just being part of a bumbling organization. He also has rid himself of 24’s ghost. It will be interesting to see if he comes back as a member of SPHINX, OSI or on his own. Sgt. Hatred: Hatred had becomes the boy’s bodyguard and, as of this episode, he no longer has the giant red "H" on his face. Now he has a blue "V" for Venture. He also learned that his girlfriend princess tiny-feet is much more into S/M that he thought. To Read More Click Here.