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The View Reviews: Is Rosie O'Donnell Better The Second Time Around or Just Boring?

The View kicked off Season 18 with excellent ratings Monday, but critics are split over whether ABC's long-standing daytime talker has improved. The network had touted the new season as the dawn of a new era,with only co-host Whoopi Goldberg remaining from last season's panel after the ousting of co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. On Monday Goldberg was joined by three new co-hosts: Rosie O'Donnell , who returned to the show after a seven-year hiatus, actress Rosie Perez and right-wing political commentatorNicolle Wallace.   Read More... //

Revamped 'The View' Premiere: Rosie O'Donnell and Other New Co-Hosts Salute Barbara Walters

O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace kiss Walters' ring before they discuss today's hot topics, including the Ray Rice scandal.   Read More... //

Recap The view: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The View  welcomed Dr. Mehmet Oz this morning to talk about Barbara’s surgical procedure and his successful talk show! Dr. Oz gave us a demonstration on how Barbara’s heart valve was replaced with a bovine (cow) valve function. He also explained how three weeks after her surgery, she was up and walking -- and a few months later was back to work interviewing President Obama (back in July). Since heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, Dr. Oz spoke about when women should start getting screened. For more with Dr. Oz, catch  The Dr. Oz Show  weekdays -- check local listings! For more information on Dr. Oz's "Know Your 5" program, visit. Jerry Lee Lewis was a king of rock 'n' roll -- and today he stopped by to prove he still wears the crown! He performed "Rockin’ My Life" from his new CD  Mean Old Men ! The image of Lady Gaga is a poster, shot by Terry Richardson for  Vogue Hommes Japan , Vol. 5 (on newsstands September 10) and appears courtesy of  Vogue Hommes Japan . Source Here

Recap The view: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The ladies welcomed back Barbara Walters this morning for the 14th season premiere of  The View ! For the first time in  View  history, David Letterman stopped by! David has always held a special place in Barbara’s heart -- and now he does more than ever, being that he went through heart surgery over 10 years ago himself. David rarely makes any TV appearances (outside of his own show), but he came by today to talk about when he had quintuple bypass surgery ... and how he's changed his daily lifestyle since. Later, David switched gears and spoke about the late night war between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, chatting about which "side" he was on.  The Late Night Show with David Letterman  is in its 18th season; Dave talked about his success, and whether or not he will re-sign in two years after his contract with CBS is up. To close the show, the co-hosts had a surprise for Barbara that she will probably never forget; longtime friend of  The View  Mario Cantone sang and danced a very special ditty called "Welcome Back Barbara!" Source Here

Recap The view: Monday, September 6, 2010

American history was made today with a very special edition of  The View ! President Barack Obama is the first sitting President to ever visit a daytime talk show and Barbara Walters made a special appearance for this historic event. President Obama spoke about the tough criticism he has received these last few weeks -- and why he decided to come and visit our show! He then switched gears and addressed several topics: why he does not call himself bi-racial, the money that has been spent to stimulate the economy, and Congress’s vote to spend another 59 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan. The President also answered for viewers what he wants his legacy to be. After tackling all the tough questions, the co-hosts thought they would play a pop-culture lighting round quiz; they asked the President questions about Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Jersey Shore 's Snooki (the President doesn't know who she is!), and even the top five songs on his iPod (everything from Maria Callas to Frank Sinatra -- but no Justin Bieber). Source Here

Recap The view: Friday, September 3, 2010

Actor/rapper 50 Cent was here to talk about his role in the new movie  Twelve . He plays a ruthless drug dealer who’s been dealing to prep-school kids from New York’s Upper East Side. 50 Cent told us what it was like to play a role that he once played in real life -- that of a dealer. Recently, 50 made headlines when an unrecognizable photo of him was released and people were worried that he was ill. He told us today that the reason he lost all that weight was for another upcoming film.  Twelve  is in theaters now. Health  magazine’s new book  What The Yuck?  answers embarrassing questions about sex and your body. So today, Dr. Roshini Raj was here to answer some of our own questions regarding these topics. For more, be sure to pick up  What The Yuck?  -- in stores now. Source Here

Recap The view: Thursday, September 2, 2010

It was "Fashion Friday" at  The View  -- and who better to bring some of her line to our studio than designer Vera Wang. Vera spoke about her college life, her days working at Ralph Lauren, and her wedding day. Over the years, Vera has dressed some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Gardner. Vera also showed off some amazing new pieces from several different collections. Emilio Estefan stopped by to talk about his new book  The Rhythm of Success ! In it, Emilio shares his story of being an immigrant who produced his own American dream. Emilio also spoke about his superstar wife, Gloria Estefan. Lucky for our audience, they all took home a copy of Emilio’s book! Source Here

Recap The view: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was a special edition of  The View  today with an entire show about women and addiction -- and Kate Gosselin was our guest co-host. Dr. Drew Pinsky, the host of VH1’s  Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab,  and  Sober House , gave viewers some information on why women get addicted and hide it more than men do. Dr. Drew spoke about trying to stop teen addiction to painkillers by making it harder for them to get their hands on their parents’ medications. Dr. Drew’s brought a "Prescription Locker" for everyone in our audience. Actress Mackenzie Phillips and country star Mindy McCready were here to share their struggles, which they're dealing with through rehabilitation. The two women took us through a typical day at rehab -- and told us how their pasts played a role in their first developing an addiction. We also welcomed Jennifer Ketcham, who appeared on Dr. Drew’s  Sex Rehab . Jennifer told our viewers about being a porn star for over 10 years, which led her to seek treatment for sex addiction. Dr. Drew told viewers what happens once you enter rehab. Sober House 's Jennifer Gimenez joined to discuss how she handles being the house manager -- even when the times get really tough. Jennifer was an actress and model who became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now that she is clean and sober -- and the mom of the entire house -- the co-hosts were curious as to if she fears she will ever relapse. Source Here

Recap The view: Monday, August 30, 2010

Snoop Dogg, one of our favorite guests, returned to The View -- but this time, he was here to discuss an issue close to his heart. Joining him to today was his wife Shante and their daughter Cori. About five years ago, Cori was diagnosed with lupus. The family joined the co-hosts to discuss their struggle with the disease. For more informiong on lupus, visit; you can also visit Shante's site at Summer is here -- and Barbara's Emmy-award winning hair stylist Bryant Renfroe joined to share a few of his own tips, plus those of his celebrity hair-stylist friends. Whoopi's favorite dessert is cupcakes! Justin Willman, host of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, joined to share some of the best cupcakes from around the nation. Source Here

Recap The view: Friday, August 27, 2010

Today we showed you what goes into making The View with a special behind-the-scenes episode. First off, you saw how Hot Topics are chosen -- and what it takes to get the most newsworthy topics ready for the table. Up next were our Michael Douglas segments. Producer Jen walked you through the process of getting Michael ready to have a seat on the couch. For Fashion Friday, designer Christian Siriano visited and brought along a couple of his beautiful designs. Producer Dana showed what it takes to create a fashion show at The View. Lastly, Broadway's Million Dollar Quartet performed for us. Director Mark brought you along through the process of rehearsals for the performance. Source Here