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The Voice: The Team Breakdowns Going Into Tonight

Last week on The Voice, blind auditions continued on with the judges working to fill their teams with top notch talent.  When Tuesday night’s episode came to a close, Blake was left shorthanded with the fewest number of team members and Adam and CeeLo tied for having the most seats filled on their teams. Here’s the breakdown as it stands going into tonight’s episode of The Voice: Team Adam managed to score six new team members last week, bringing him to a total of eleven so far. Notable additions for the week included Melanie Martinez, whose acoustic version of "Toxic" was both interesting and bold. Former NYU student Collin McLoughlin’s pure tone while singing "Wild World" was not only impressive, but downright soothing. Adam’s last pick of the week, Benji, the race car driver turned singer, is a definite stand out, having killed it with "Knockin on Heaven’s Door." With only five places left to fill on his team, Mr. Levine will, no doubt, become even more selective with his button pushing. Team Christina played it a bit more conservatively last week, adding only three new members to her team. Her first addition of the week, husband and wife duo ‘Beat Frequency’ were aggressive, if nothing else, however, Christina was the only one who turned around for their performance. 17 year old Joselyn Rivera, on the other hand, impressed most everyone with her version of Kelly Clarkson’s "Stronger." This week Team Xtina starts the week with a total of 10 team members. Team CeeLo had a big week after a lot of rejection in week one, adding a whopping seven new members. Standouts were certainly Avery Wilson, whose pitch perfect rendition of Usher’s "Without You" wowed everyone watching, and the very soulful Mycle Wastman, who floored the judges with his spot on version (see below) of Al Green’s "Let’s Stay Together." Despite its rough start, Team CeeLo is starting to look like a bit of a heavy hitter this time around and with only five spots left to fill, the remaining auditioners better bring their A game in order to earn a spot on this team. Team Blake had the lightest week of all the judges, adding only two new members to the mix. It’s no surprise that Mr. Shelton has a country heavy group of singers, which he perpetuated by adding the powerful country voice of Liz Davis this week, but Team Blake might want to begin stepping out of the box in order to be able to compete with the diversity in the other teams. There’s still plenty of time for Team Blake, a point he seemed to realize last week when he stated that it was time to start playing more aggressively at the auditions. With only seven team members so far, Blake may have the pick of the litter to collect his final nine contestants, however, with the other judges having to pick much more conservatively. Tonight on The Voice, the blind auditions continue with contestants trying to impress the judges to turn around and the judges trying to impress the contestants to join their teams. With the teams filling up quickly, there’s no room for error in the auditioners performances or the judges choices. The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC. //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/01jcLX4WEiw/