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The Walking Dead Recap: Finder’s Fee

Okay, lots to discuss with this one, obviously, and I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should talk about the ending first … which I loved … or the 40 minutes that came before that ending which was, you know, this show, but I guess it makes the most sense to start from the top. We begin with the gang eating breakfast in their camp. Carol is there, and Daryl and Carl and also this other guy, whose name is just a letter, T-something, he’s there, too, although I guess he’s really shy because he hardly says a word the whole episode. Lori is playing with Grimes’s hair and staring at him like she can see inside his tortured soul, and I think we’re supposed to find them cute but, in the same way that there was no turning back for Shane once he shot Otis, I’ve passed a real point of no return with these two as a couple. Then Dale nods at Glenn and Glenn nods at Dale before telling everyone about the zombies in the barn. Which, naturally, leads to the first bit of stompy drama of the day. Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' recap: If They Move, Kill 'Em

The Grimes Gang learns about the zombies in the barn Horrific shenanigans ensue. //

'The Walking Dead' - 'Pretty Much Dead Already': Opening the barn door

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Pretty Much Dead Already," the mid-season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead," in which Shane's temper reaches a boil. //

'The Walking Dead' Recap: A Barn Full of Secrets, Zombies

The Walking Dead 's mid-season finale is soul-crushing yet satisfying. By the end Shane's finally snapped, Hershel's left powerless and Sophia's fate is revealed. Barnstorm Nothing says "this isn't going to end well" than frightened survivors learning there's a zombie zoo next door. When Glenn unceremoniously breaks how Hershel's barn is chock-full of walkers no one takes the news well. Shane suggests his favorite solution to every problem: shoot it, leave it or both. Rick counters killing Hershel's nontraditional pets will also kill their chances of staying on the Greene Farm. Guess even when they're undead, murdering the wife and daughter of your host never makes a good impression. //

‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 2, Episode 7, ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’: TV Recap

'The Walking Dead,' Season 2, Episode 7, 'Pretty Much Dead Already' Midseason Finale: TV Recap. Many fans at this point may have grown frustrated by the stillness of a show that is supposed to be about a life of fight or flight in a zombie-filled world. But this episode, "Pretty Much Dead Already," cleverly finds a very different kind emotional power in the zombie scenario – and it does so without taking a single character off the normally tranquil confines of Herschel Greene’s farm. //

'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

['The Walking Dead' - 'Pretty Much Dead Already'] Hey, zombies are human, too! Well, I guess not, as Shane so eloquently demonstrates with a couple of well placed rounds through the heart. Honestly, why does the voice of reason on this show have to be such an asshole? Yes, Shane has become the voice of reason. And not just because he was 100 percent right about the walkers in the barn being dangerous - I mean, look at the risk Rick and Hershel took while trying to "guide" those two walkers into the barn. But, without Shane, we'd still be watching a show about a group looking for a lost girl in the woods. It took seven episodes to find her. They did find her. At least that's over. //

THE WALKING DEAD “Pretty Much Dead Already” Review

THE WALKING DEAD  "Pretty Much Dead Already" Season 2 Episode 7  – It always seems to be Glenn who tells it like it is. He sort of can’t help but blurt shit out.  "Guys. So. The barn  is full of walkers." It’s all about the barn. In  The Walking Dead  comic book, it was all about the barn, so in that respect the show  and the comic are on the same page. But with regard to  some  of the characters—especially the ones whose stories differ from the comic—it feels to me like they are being given some crazy-good (and add another slice of "crazy" on top of that) depth. Again, some critics want to take their shots at various issues they see in the show, and I cannot deny that there has been a whole lot of "doing nothing" at Herschel’s farm. A lot of this really could have been told in 5 episodes  rather than 7. Read More... //

The Walking Dead Recap: Barnful of Zombies

This week’s opening functioned like an adrenaline shot to my weary heart. At the sight of all those undead relatives in the barn, I, too, briefly, came to life. Of course, the reason I was dead in the first place was because of the initial scene where Carl says, "Everything’s food for something else" and Lori looks way too aghast at the loss of her little boy’s innocence considering they are on a farm and have been eating chickens themselves and little kids who grow up in farm during non-zombie-soaked times learn this lesson and turn out just fine. And I certainly wasn’t pleased at the way Carl’s statement was then very literally demonstrated in the next scene when Otis’s widow breaks the legs of a couple of chickens, priming them to be food for "something else." (Also, why did she have to break their legs at all? Non-crippled chickens are too crafty for a pack of zombies?) But still, look, zombies! Right at the top of the hour, too, not shambling out 36 minutes in like they’d overslept and were late for work. Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' Recap 2x06 'Secrets' Is Filled With Secrets, Secrets And Even More Secrets

Last time on The Walking Dead: Andrea shot Daryl because she’s a hot-headed moron and Glenn discovered a horde of Walkers in the barn. Also Lori is pregnant. //

The Walking Dead Review: To Tell The Truth

There's walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant! Glenn, you blabbermouth You really are the worst secret keeper ever. How many surprise birthday parties do you think he's ruined? At least he remains helpful, kind and understanding (although the women make it difficult for him sometimes), so I forgive Glenn for spilling the beans. Plus, that simple and straightforward statement led the way for plenty of action and drama. I guess I should have known that dealing with the barn walkers would have to wait until next week's midseason finale, but we did learn why Hershel is so against killing them. Hershel believes they are still people; people who just happen to be sick. While he does make some valid points about not killing schizophrenics or someone with a disease, it's hard to compare his scenario to flesh eating monsters with a single goal: to eat and kill. And while Maggie seemed rather intent to follow in her father's beliefs, a close encounter with a snarling un-dead looked like enough to change her mind (and to give Glenn a kiss). Read More... //