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'The Walking Dead' Recap: No More 'Secrets' Left

Take Fleetwood Mac's album Rumors and fill it with zombies. Congratulations, you just wrote this week's episode of The Walking Dead ! News of Herschel's pet walkers, Lori's pregnancy and Shane's secrets begin spreading with surprising results. Breaking Second Hand News Glenn seriously can't keep secrets. Someone says: "Don't tell anyone." He hears: "Make sure everyone knows." It's a well known fact elderly bearded men are always wise, so when twin revelations of Lori's upcoming stork appointment and Herschel's undead barn dwellers confuse Glenn he dumps everything on Dale. Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' recap: They Shoot Zombies, Don't They?

Lori has to make a big choice, and Shane teaches Andrea how to kill zombies good //

The Walking Dead 2.06 "Secrets" Review

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead , "Secrets," was the penultimate episode of 2011, and as such served simultaneously as both a payoff and a set-up episode. There were several major emotional payoffs in "Secrets." Meeting the walker in the drugstore gave Maggie and Glenn's relationship a little more substance than simply a need for physical intimacy, and the conversation in which Maggie identified Glenn as a leader will undoubtedly give him a greater sense of confidence -- but that confidence might just pit him against the rest of his group of survivors. Speaking of the word 'confidence,' Glenn played a major part in the episode by being hilariously bad at keeping secrets. In a show about the zombie apocalypse, it's difficult to find many situations for comic relief, so naturally Glenn's lack of a poker face was played up considerably, leading to some truly awkward scenes that eventually culminated in Glenn spilling quite a bit of information to Dale: there are walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant. Read More... //

‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 2, Episode 6, ‘Secrets’: TV Recap

'The Walking Dead,' Season 2, Episode 6, 'Secrets': TV Recap. The gradualism of "The Walking Dead" is something to behold. Here we are at just about the halfway point -- six episodes into a 13-episode season – and there’s been very little in the way of action or movement. The survivors are still seeking Sofia (missing since the season premiere), still debating (and debating, and debating) the moral murkiness of living in a world without hope, and still stuck on Herschel Greene’s farm for zombiefied loved ones. //

'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

Somewhat surprisingly, Hershel makes some decent points about keeping a stable of barn zombies. I mean, if it were your loved ones, would you have it in you to kill someone who meant something to you? Even though he or she is still standing up and walking around? Sure, your loved one would now love to eat your thigh, but, still, maybe there is a cure? OK, as we learned at the C.D.C. last season, there's probably not a cure. But I can say that it would totally be my luck that as soon as I made the gut-wrenching decision to end the life of a former-loved-one-walker, the next day a cure would be announced. So, hey, as long as Hershel has enough chickens to feed them... eh, why not keep them around? OK, there's always the chance that they will escape, which would be bad. And I'm sure that will eventually happen, but not this week. //

'The Walking Dead' - 'Secrets': Target practice

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Secrets," the November 20 episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," in which Rick and Lori have a talk, and Shane teaches Andrea how to shoot. //

THE WALKING DEAD “Secrets” Review

THE WALKING DEAD  "Secrets" Season 2 Episode 6 – We begin with  "Everything’s food for something else,"  and then we get purposefully-wounded chickens being thrown to the barn zombies. Though I’m not sure it was necessary to wound the chickens. I mean, I get that a flailing creature draws a zombie’s eyes more than a passive one, but most chickens (this is coming from my admittedly limited experience with chickens) don’t just stand there. Right? Anyway. This episode, "Secrets," went faster than most episodes of  The Walking Dead . It literally ended and I looked at the clock expecting another 15 minutes. Where did the time go? Read More... //

The Walking Dead Recap: Sophia’s Choice

Well, the good news is that this episode wasn’t devoted to Rick helping Carl adjust his sheriff’s hat so it fit more snugly upon Carl’s sweaty, sweaty brow, as Rick warned he would do in last week’s episode. The bad news is that Sophia is still missing. We begin with a flashback of a row of unmoving cars stretched out on a highway. Because that’s an image we haven’t seen this season yet. Except instead of our dopey crew, there are a bunch of extras there, too, fresh off the set of Lost , just shooting the breeze and going off by themselves to pee in the dark.  Carl and that little girl are playing checkers. Carl’s hungry and Carol tries to offer up one of Ed’s MREs, but he stops her. "Sorry, I guess we forgot to pack them," Carol tells Lori. "It’s all right," says Lori, because that sounds like a perfectly fine excuse to her since apparently she and Shane did actually forget to bring food with them. I guess it just wasn’t a priority. Who can remember to eat when you’re so busy striding off purposefully to "see what you can see"? Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' Recap 3x05: 'Chupacabra' Drags On, Ends With A Bang

We open with a flashback. Before Rick woke up from his coma, when Shane and Lori and Carl were on the run from the Walkers, a crowd of people waits on the freeway. Carol offers to share some food... //

'The Walking Dead' Recap: You'll See A Lot Weirder Things than a 'Chupacabra'

Everyone gets along and a cure for zombie-ism is discovered on this week's episode of The Walking Dead . Just kidding! Tensions rise between Herschel and his guests, Shane continues to be at Rick's throat over searching for Sophia, and Glenn finds romance challenging. //