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'The Walking Dead' recap: Sending Our Love Down the Well

Shane was wandering around the Greene Family Farm modeling a set of oversized overalls that made him look like a cartoon farmer. The clothes used to belong to Otis, the man he donated to hungry zombies  last week . So it would be an understatement to say that Shane did not look particularly happy to be attending Otis' funeral. Hershel Greene offered a kind eulogy for the man, noting that he "gave his life to save a child, now more than ever our most precious asset." (All considering, in a zombie apocalypse, I'd value a child behind a chainsaw and a flamethrower.) Then he asked Shane to say a few words. Otis' crying girlfriend begged Shane to share her man's final moments. Shane sighed, and came up on the spot with a story of elaborate heroism. "I was limping. It was bad. 'We gotta save the boy.' That's what he said. He gave me his backpack. 'Run,' he said, 'I'll take the rear.' And when I looked back..." Here Shane trailed off, and his murderer's guilt was a perfect imitation of survivor's guilt. "If not for Otis, I'd have never made it out alive. And that goes for Carl, too. It was Otis. He saved us both." Shane set a stone on top of Otis' memorial. Read More... //

On The Walking Dead, there's love during end times! [Tv Recap]

Man, was that a gushy episode of The Walking Dead ! Seriously, there were bodily fluids and heartfelt moments gosh-darn everywhere! Both human and undead descended to lower elevations! Hey-yo! Euphemisms off, spoilers on, and all that shibbeloth. //

‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 2, Episode 4, ‘Cherokee Rose’: TV Recap

'The Walking Dead,' Season 2, Episode 4, 'Cherokee Rose': TV Recap. How do you hold a funeral for a person pulled to shreds and consumed by zombies? We find out during the opening scene, a no-corpse funeral for Otis, the luckless hunter left for dead by Shane in last week’s episode. //

'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

['The Walking Dead' - 'Cherokee Rose'] Near the end of the fifth season of 'Three's Company', there's an episode that centers on Ralph Furley receiving a visit from his niece, Veronica. Now, Veronica, as it turns out, is a very attractive woman who looks nothing at all like Don Knotts. Of course, this means that Jack Tripper is immediately attracted to Veronica, as Jack is wont to being attracted to almost every female to cross his path. The problem: Ralph Furley, the landlord of Jack's apartment complex, is under the impression that Jack is gay - this is a ruse that Jack maintains (as he did, also, with the prior landlord, Stanley Roper) so that he can cohabitate with his two female roommates, Janet and, at the time of this episode, Cindy. What does Jack do? Jack creates himself a southern twang speaking, cowboy hat wearing twin brother named Austin and uses this new identity to court Veronica - which also somehow completely fools Furley, even though Furley seems to know Jack quite well by this point and Jack has never once mentioned what would be a quite interesting fact that he has a twin brother. Why do I bring up an episode of 'Three's Company' in a recap for 'The Walking Dead' ? Because as asinine as that above scenario is, it still makes 100 percent more sense than sending Glenn down a well as live bait for a zombie. Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' - 'Cherokee Rose': Throw the zombie down the well

A review of tonight's  "The Walking Dead"  coming up just as soon as I bet on the snowball...  "If somebody's gonna die, better hope that you're the one who's making that decision." -Shane With Carl's condition improving after the surgery, with the group slowly accepting that they're not going to find Sophia, even as they insist on looking, and with Hershel's farm a seeming haven from the zombies (save for the occasional stray who gets into the well water), "Cherokee Rose" was the most leisurely hour of season 2 so far. There was no big overarching story this week, but rather a series of vignettes about different characters and how they're adjusting to their current circumstances.  So this was not an hour likely to appease those of you who feel season 2 is lacking any sense of urgency or larger story arc. But it at least offered some baby steps in terms of the character development I was asking the supporting players to get last week.  Read More... //

THE WALKING DEAD “Cherokee Rose” Review

THE WALKING DEAD  "Cherokee Rose" Season 2 Episode 4  – First up I just want  to say how very excited I was when I heard that a replacement reviewer was needed for this show. I fell in love with TheWalking Dead  the moment I first saw the panel for it at Comic Con in 2010. The preview blew me away and  nearly had me in tears, which was something I never expected from a show about zombies. Thanks to my fellow writer, Axe, for the chance to take over this show for a week. I hope I do you justice, my friend. Anyway, on with the review. Let’s start out with Shane, who is obviously trying to justify in his own head his actions from last week. He tells Andrea that you have to be able to shut down when taking another man’s life in order to save someone you care about, but I’m thinking that it’s much easier to do that when you aren’t also lying to everyone about what actually happened. Read More.... //

'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

Poor Otis. Before we even begin to delve into Shane's actions to end the episode, there's something else that's been bugging me for now two episodes. Near the middle of last night's episode, when Shane returns to the house with the medical supplies, after explaining that Otis didn't make it (before we knew exactly why Otis didn't make it back), Rick tries to comfort the rest of the group by saying that Otis, "wanted to make it right." Make it right? This pisses me off. //

'Walking Dead' Recap: Who Will be Left to Save?

The living's actions may have you rooting for the undead on this week's episode of The Walking Dead . However, in between two children on the brink of death and Shane getting a GED from Ruthless Decisions High School, there's still gentle moments keeping hope alive. Too bad just like everyone else on the show, hope seems like it's living on borrowed time in one of the best episodes of the series' two season run. Let's Do The Time Warp Again So last week's episode started with a flashback. Well, tonight's starts with the one thing cooler than flashbacks: flash forwards! While first seeming like a gratuitous man-candy break of Shane buzzing his hair in the shower, there's something darker going on here explained later. What's never explained though is if he got his clippings out of the drain when he finished. If there's one thing everyone hates more than zombies snacking on their small intestines, it's messy housemates. Read More... //

The Walking Dead Review: Survival of the Fittest

A dark twisted road lies in wait. Better shave your head and get ready. I knew something wasn't right when Shane returned without Otis, and we hadn't been given the visual information of the final escape. As soon as Shane started to explain, I couldn't believe his muttered words. Then it dawned on me. What if he shot Otis, so the zombies would only go after one of them? And then Shane shaved his head, the amount of bullets left were mentioned again, and a close up on the gun was shown. Even in guessing the act, watching Shane make his choice was jaw dropping. Sure, it was fit for his character and something of a logical decision in the context of living, but oh, so, cold. Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' recap: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

I don't want to talk too much about the  Walking Dead  comic book in these recaps. For one thing, there's the potential for spoilers. (Which, by the way, please mark any comic-related comments with an all-caps SPOILER ALERT down in the comment boards.) But more importantly, nobody likes a pedantic know-it-all, and talking about the original  Dead  will inevitably lead us down the road to pedantry: "That actor is all wrong for the character, the zombies don't look decomposed enough,  THE COMIC WAS BETTER!!! , etc. Still, in light of the shocking event that rounded out last night's episode, I think it's important to highlight one major difference emerging between the two versions of  Dead . And this is only a  Spoiler  if you haven't read the very first volume of  Dead : Shane is still alive. Narratively speaking, Shane served two very basic purposes. In the first story arc, he was a vision of the Shape of Things to Come: An early indication that the zombies were less dangerous than the humans left behind. After his death, he was a taunting specter of the past: Whenever Rick had to make a difficult decision to keep people alive, the ghost of Shane was there, reminding him of the moral depths to which a man can sink when he no longer has to follow any moral force besides himself. Read More... //