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Review: AMC's 'The Walking Dead' returns strong for season 2

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the second season of AMC's zombie apocalypse drama "The Walking Dead," which has a strong, consistent beginning to its second season. //

The 6 Most Shocking Moments of The Walking Dead Season 1

Art's starting to imitate life when it comes to The Walking Dead . Well, sort of anyway. Tuesday night, it was announced that showrunner Frank Darabont would be stepping down, and Wednesday afternoon saw the confirmation of his replacement, Glen Mazzara. It's not quite as shocking as the zombie apocalypse, but it's as close as you can get from writers' room shake-ups. Since events have been so dramatic, I figured now was the perfect time to recount the most shocking moments of the first season of The Walking Dead , which aired last winter. The Walking Dead  season 2 will premiere on October 16. Let's start the countdown, shall we? Read More... //

'The Walking Dead' recap: Zombie Life Sucks. Deal With It.

Season 1 of AMC’s The Walking Dead: Over. Did the finale leave you sated—or did it leave you [insert your own zombie-hunger metaphor here]? Our "Totally Walking Dead" recappers Dan Snierson and Jeff Jensen go long this week to summarize "TS-19" and offer some overall thoughts about The Walking Dead’s sensational first season. DAN: Here is my first thought: I need a hug. The finale entertained, yes, but also left us a little shell-shocked and bummed out for our survivors. We knew the situation was bleak, but damn, the show all but told us to take any hopes for a yay-we-found-a-cure-to-the-zombie-virus! ending and stick them where the hot Atlanta sun don’t shine. And yet as Dylan’s "Tomorrow is a Long Time" resonated over images of Rick & Co. U-turning into the great unknown, we got the sense that as long as they were alive, at least there was a chance of a tomorrow. But is that a good thing? (Remember that farewell. Rick: "I'm grateful." Jenner: "The day will come when you won't be.") All these guys can do is ignore the big, ugly picture and focus on the task at hand -- which might include slicing off a zombie's head and running like hell. This is as optimistic as it gets in the Year Zombie. To Read More Click Here.


"TS-19? was just as great as all the previous episodes of the series. When I watch The Walking Dead, I forget that I’m not watching a movie, and am ALWAYS disappointed when the credits roll. We were left last week with Rick and company being let into the CDC (truth be told, the white light shining from the door looked like an entrance to heaven, but I digress). The finale picks up in this exact spot, with everyone rushing to get inside before the unknown person decides to shut the doors. Once settled, the survivors are treated to wine, food, beds, and even hot water. Seeing everyone’s faces at the thought of a hot shower was something that struck me. While I like to think I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse (Shut up, it could happen!!) the hot water thing never really occurs to me. To see something that we take for granted every day treated as a luxury was eye opening. I really, REALLY enjoyed the opening flashback scene with Shane in the hospital attempting to get Rick out. It was nice to see that he really hadn’t lied to Lori about Rick being dead. He had honestly thought he was, and by the looks of it, leaving him there was NOT an easy thing for him to do. To Read More Click Here.

The Walking Dead Review: "Wildfire"

When it comes to killing zombies, there are a couple basic rules: Act quickly and aim for the head. Unfortunately, things became far more complicated for the group of survivors in "Wildfire," as everyone was forced to deal with the painful repercussions of previous week’s zombie attack. First, Andrea refused to leave Amy’s side. It was great watching Amy "wake up" as a zombie and struggle to get at Andrea. I kept waiting for Amy to take a bite from her sister, but it was the gunshot to the head that surprised me. I was glad that Andrea was the one to finish off her sibling, but did she really have to be that close? It was a very risky move on her part, despite her need for closure. Ed’s wife had to deal with the death of her husband, and she went to town on his head. The viewer discretion advised warning was definitely necessary here, as the repeated hits splattered parts of Ed everywhere. I wonder if she blames herself for his death or was simply taking out her anger over the abuse that she had received from him. To Read More Click Here.

The Walking Dead 1.05 "Wildfire" Recap

"Wildfire" opens with Rick attempting to reach Morgan, the man who helped him in the pilot, on the radio. He tells him to avoid the city. It belongs to the dead now. Andrea still hasn't left her sister's side after the vicious walker attack on the camp from the previous night. Lori insists that they'll be as gentle as they can, but they have to dispose of Amy as they did to the others: by destroying the brain and adding them to the human bonfire. Rick approaches Andrea, but Andrea tells him to back off by pointing a gun in his face. The campers discuss what to do with not only Amy, but the rest of the dead. Glenn insists that the attackers are burned and the campers are buried in the holes that Jim had conveniently dug a day prior. Jacqui notices that Jim is wounded. He insists that it was only a scratch, but also insists that he not show anyone his wound. Daryl wants to kill Jim before he turns, but Rick has a feeling that the CDC is still operating. Shane says that he'd much rather find a military base. Both options are in opposite directions of each other. To Read More  Click Here.

THE WALKING DEAD “Wildfire” Review

Five episodes down, only one more left of AMC’s romp into a zombie apocalypse. In some ways it was the best episode, filled with tragedy and changes. The Walking Dead still suffers from a mood so sombre it can be dreary and mostly flat characters who are more often than not dictated by the script. I have watched all five episodes, and I still couldn’t list the characters’ names. Obviously for readers of the graphic novels this is no big deal, but I am not a reader. I still don’t know who all of the characters in the group are, what the dynamics of the group are, and that’s a problem. With this episode, there were no bad moments, per se, but bewildering ones. The family (whose name I cannot remember) leaving the group. I believe the acronym for that is WTF. What father (I should say "and mother" but this show is still irritatingly sexist in its depiction of a patriarchal group) would ever leave a group of armed allies in order to head to Birmingham. Firstly, how do they know they’ve got family left? Secondly, they’re dragging along two preteens. Thirdly, they’re given a pistol and a half empty box of bullets (Rick was just beig optimistic when he said it was half full) to protect themselves. Clearly the story had no use the family (by the way, where did the kids come from?) but the way in which they left was distractingly clumsy. To Read More Click Here.

The Walking Dead 1.04 "Vatos" Review

I'm not sure what I was expecting going into "Vatos."  The Walking Dead  turned my expectations inside out three times before, though, so its no surprise that I came out of the episode with my mind completely blown. One would expect that from the comic creator Robert Kirkman, though, who totally delivers on all levels for this episode, as one would expect. It was the best, most balanced episode of the series thus far. There was a lot of good character moments, and there was a lot of blood. There were two main parts to the episode: one dealt with Rick's group trying to find Merle and finding the Vatos instead, and the other dealt with the survivors at camp. The two storylines crashed together for the rousing finale. But there's one thing I absolutely must mention that I'm afraid no one else has noticed: we saw the show's first human deaths tonight. It doesn't seem like it; there's been plenty of blood to go around. But the only deaths we've seen have been those of the already dead. But with the abusive Ed being the first to go (it's nice that Kirkman chose to wipe out a character that he didn't create first) and the lovely Amy being the second, it was almost refreshing to see some real carnage. Refreshing, of course, but also devastating. To Read More  Click Here.


I have always been of the opinion that an averge episode/movie/novel can be salvaged by a great ending, and that theory would certainly apply to this uneven and at times bewildering episode of The Walking Dead. There were many things that did not make a whole lot of sense, like why, exactly, did the Atlanta gang run back to the camp instead of hijacking another vehicle-for example the bus which was right beside them when they realized their van was missing. And even though it was Amy’s birthday, why was no one on lookout, especially when several members of the camp were in Atlanta. Why is the one-time janitor acting like a gang member and risking his life, the lives of his gang members and thus the lives of the elderly in the nursing home by threatening a gun battle with Rick Grimes’ gang, instead of simply making allies and swapping guns and ammo. To Read More Click Here.

The Walking Dead 1.03 "Tell it to the Frogs" Recap

"Tell it to the Frogs" opens with Merle, still chained to the rooftop pipe, talking to himself. He's reminiscing about a fight he'd been in and suddenly loses it. He begins struggling again to free himself when he hears banging at the door. Several walkers have reached the roof and are now trying to break through the door that T-Dog had chained shut. The group from Atlanta, with Rick driving, are continuing their trek back to the mountain camp. Morales tells Rick about Merle's brother, Daryl. He explains that Daryl won't be very happy about what they'd done to his brother. Back at the camp, Shane is still playing father figure to Carl. He invites Carl to come with him to the quarry and learn how to catch frogs. In the distance, the survivors hear the alarm from Glenn's new ride. Glenn arrives with the alarm still blaring. The campers are happy to see him, but can definitely do without the alarm. Jim quickly silences the alarm. To Read More  Click Here.