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The Walking Dead: A Zombie Show with More Heart Than Brains

If you've seen any zombie film, the flesh-craving creatures of AMC's The Walking Dead aren't exactly novel. That's not to say that makeup and special effects wizard Gregory Nicotero hasn't seriously outdone himself. Or that being caught on a city block surrounded by hundreds of soulless, hungry ghouls isn't terrifying. It's just that this story is about more than delivering a few scares. "The most compelling part of the series is how emotionally involved you become in these characters' lives," executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator, Aliens) tells TVGuide.com. "Even though I've read all the scripts and was there when it was shot, I still find myself becoming surprisingly emotional in almost every episode over something the characters are having to endure. To me, that is unexpected and remarkable." To Read More Click Here.

'The Walking Dead' opening credits, sneak peek

"The Walking Dead"  is just around the corner. This Halloween (Sunday, Oct. 31) marks the debut of the highly anticipated AMC horror drama, and we're so excited for the world to share in the zombie apocalypse. Here are a few, fun teasery things to whet your appetite for the Halloween gorging. First up is the actual opening sequence with an awesome, panic-stricken score by "Battlestar Galactica's" Bear McCreary. It gets us every time. We've included the fan-made opening sequence to compare and just because it's awesome as well. To Read More Click Here.

AMC Brings Zombies to Primetime with the Harrowing and Grisly The Walking Dead

With its putrid zombie hoard, The Walking Dead is the ultimate Halloween gift for fans of gore: There are splattered heads, swarming flies and enough tattered, rotting flesh to make most watch through splayed fingers. But peel back just a thin layer of the decaying skin and you'll find the heart of AMC's newest drama is entirely human — racing 90 beats a minute, pumping furiously to stay alive. "There's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart," says deputy sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). "It's a story that anyone can relate to," explains Robert Kirkman, author of the acclaimed comic-book series on which the show is based. "The zombies are representative of disaster, but the focus is on the people — everything they go through." To Read More Click Here.

New and Upcoming: Zach Gives Us a Sneak Peek At The Zombie World of AMC's The Walking Dead

Can't wait to see what new buzzed-about series are ready to take your TiVo by storm? In our first edition of SideReel's New and Upcoming, self-proclaimed zombie expert Zach gives us a preview of AMC's The Walking Dead, which premieres this Sunday (Halloween)! Zach highlights the show's background (based on a comic book), and some of the power players backing the project, and why he thinks this may be a pretty awesome (albeit morbid) replacement for Mad Men's time slot! Find out more by watching the video in the link below! New and Upcoming: AMC's The Walking Dead

AMC Releases The Walking Dead Key-Art

AMC has released the poster for Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead, adapted from the comic series of the same name. The Walking Dead poster is a bleak image indeed, featuring protagonist Andrew Lincoln apparently going the wrong way. As bad an idea as it may seem, Lincoln is on a mission to reunite with his family - and yes, he's that kind of hero. The Walking Dead is known as a transcendent bit of story-telling, an effective and familiar zombie apocalypse story AND an intense and challenging character driven epic. George Romero would be proud. To Read More Click Here .

THE WALKING DEAD (AMC) Trailer and New Photos

AMC has finally released the trailer for its new original TV series, THE WALKING DEAD and announced a premiere date for the show on Sunday, October 31 at 10pm with a 90-minute premiere episode. Subsequent episodes will be one-hour long presentations. Also check out a few new photos from the show that AMC released (see the pictures previously released here). And if you haven’t read the comic book series on which the show is based, you need to get your copy now, it’s amazing. To Read More Click Here .