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The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Season 2 Episode 8

The Walking Dead  "Nebraska" Season 2 Episode 8  airs Sunday February 12 at 9pm on AMC. Episode Synopsis : Rick and the others try to restore order in the aftermath of a terrible discovery. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears, Rick and Glenn must follow him into town. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/02/12/the-walking-dead-nebraska-season-2-episode-8/  

'The Walking Dead' midseason premiere: What to expect

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday (Feb. 12) to complete it's second season. We left off outside the barn where a massive zombie massacre just went down that included the death of a zombified Sophia (Madison Lintz), who was MIA for most of the first seven episodes.Zap2it talked to executive producer and showrunner Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman ("The Walking Dead" comic book creator and also and EP on the show) about what to expect from the second half of the zombie fest's second season. "We hurtle to the finale here," says Mazzara, suggesting that the second half of the season is going to unfold at a much faster clip than the first seven episodes. Which, by the way, they're quick to defend as setting a calming tone to contrast with what's ahead. Here are a few more insights about what lies ahead:We probably won't find out how Sophia turned into a zombie.Glen... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/the-walking-dead-midseason-premiere-what-to-expect.html

'The Walking Dead': 5 candidates for the Governor

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday after a winter hiatus and we pretty much know where the season will begin: outside the barn where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) just shot zombie Sofia. Instead of speculating on the rest of Season 2, though, we want to weigh in on a Season 3 debate that has been raging online for the past week: Who should play the Governor?For anyone who hasn't read the Robert Kirkman comic books, the Governor is a total psychopath who has fashioned himself as the head of a colony of survivors and gets his kicks by making people fight in a sort of gladiator's ring surrounded by zombies. As we reported, John Hawkes' name has been bandied about as a possible Governor, along with special effects makeup artist Tom Savini. A rep for Hawkes, though, denies that the actor is joining the show even though it is universally agreed that he... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/the-walking-dead-5-candidates-for-the-governor.html

'The Walking Dead's' Melissa McBride: 'Some people are gonna die'

When we talked to "The Walking Dead's" Melissa McBride (she plays anguished mother Carol Peletier) at the Television Critic Association's Winter press tour, we didn't yet know that cast mate Jon Bernthal -- who plays Shane -- may be leaving the show (if rumors about his plans to star in another project are true) by season's end. Now that we do have that information it makes this statement seem that much more interesting to consider:"Some people are gonna die," she told us, without embellishment. We're figuring she'd hardly make that kind of statement unless she meant actual cast members. Right? And as the first half of the season showed us, the show's creative team doesn't shy away from killing off some of its more sympathetic -- and promising -- characters. We lost both the utterly sympathetic Sophia, Carol's daughter played by Madison Lintz, and Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince in a role we'd hoped would last... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/the-walking-deads-melissa-mcbride-some-people-are-gonna-die.html

John Hawkes set for 'The Walking Dead's' Governor?

Fans of "The Walking Dead" comic books know that the Governor is one bad dude. The king-like lord of a survivors' enclave, he's scarier than the zombies and gives Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew a load of trouble.So, you know, not just any actor could play him and, according to MTV, the top name being floated around the AMC show's production offices is... John Hawkes. But we need to point out that the rumor is 100 percent in the realm of hearsay at this point. Apparently horror effects guru Tom Savini is a close buddy of "TWD's" own effects guru Greg Nicotero. Savini is so in love with the Governor role that he's lobbying to play the blood-hungry barbarian himself in Season 3."Everytime I see the graphic novel, and I see a picture of the governor, who looks just like me, I send Greg a picture," Savini tells MTV. "I just won't give... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/john-hawkes-set-for-the-walking-deads-governor.html

'The Walking Dead': Watch 4 minutes of the midseason premiere now

If you can't wait until Feb. 12 for "The Walking Dead" to return, then you're in luck. The first four minutes of the midseason premiere are now available online, posted to YouTube by the mysteriously named "soooophiaaaaaa" (coughAMCcough). There aren't any spoilers here. The action picks up where it left off, with the gang reacting to the death of zombie Sophia. There is some excitement -- a sort of predictable not-really-dead Hershel's wife snarling back to life only to be cut down by a scythe to the brain.Still, anyone who wants to experience the premiere as a whole should definitely wait.Some natural questions do arise, though:-- Do we agree with Shane (Jon Bernthal) now, who has his "I told you so" moment, about the danger of Hershel's zombie collecting and his unwillingness to hunt for Sophia, who he -- unlike Rick (Andrew Lincoln) -- believed to be dead all along?-- The flip side of that... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/01/the-walking-dead-watch-the-first-4-minutes-of-the-midseason-premiere-now.html

'The Walking Dead' teaser clip: A look at Season 2's second half

"The Walking Dead" lurches back to life on Feb. 12 after a short winter break and, based on a newly-released teaser clip, the action picks up right where we left off: outside the barn with a pile of dead zombies, including a zombified Sophia who our hero, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) shot between the eyes at the end of episode 7."We all know this is not going to end well," yells Rick, pretty much explaining the show's raison d'etre in 10 words. Still, it's getting there that is so much fun.AMC also released the names and synopses for the final 5 episodes of the season. And, yes, reading them could potentially spoil the suspense, so we won't print them here -- there are no out-and-out spoilers, though, so if you're curious check them out over at Shock Till You Drop. Two things to note: 1. We're pretty much sticking with the farm locale for... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/01/the-walking-dead-teaser-clip-a-look-at-season-2s-second-half.html

Promo of 'Walking Dead' February Return: It's Not Going to End Well

The video shares a glimpse of intense scenes from the new episode, including the one wherein Rick and Shane have a fight. //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00047269.html

New Clip of 'Walking Dead' Season 2 Features New Characters

The video from 'Nebraska' episode sees Rick talking to Hershel before two men show up in the doorway. //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00046948.html

'The Walking Dead's' Glen Mazzara on Frank Darabont's torpedoed S2 premiere: 'That happened on Frank's watch'

Frank Darabont may have had a grand, action-packed vision for "The Walking Dead's" season 2 premiere, but according to showrunner Glen Mazzara -- his successor -- that idea was never seriously considered for production."We discussed that, examined it, but it was best to open the season on picking up our characters -- so Frank moved off of that," says Mazzara at the Television Critics Association winter press tour where the show announced plans for a 16-episode third season. "So if Frank said that was an idea that was written and rejected, that's not my recollection."The fact that we know about the idea at all is kind of a funny story. An e-mail from Darabont to AICN surfaced in early January, detailing plans for a season opener that would break from the main story to chronicle the zombification of the soldier Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) encounters in a tank in season 1."After the soldier dies this... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/01/the-walking-deads-glen-mazzara-on-frank-darabonts-torpedoed-s2-premiere-that-happened-on-franks-watc.html