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  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s1e13When Liang Shan Po Robbed the Poor
    • s1e12Kao Chiu Loses His Heart
    • s1e11The Girl Who Loved the Flower Priest
    • s1e10Escape Is Not Freedom
    • s1e9A Dutiful Son and the Love of a Brother
    • s1e8A Man's Only Happiness
    • s1e7How Easy to Die, How Hard to Live
    • s1e6Bandits Who Steal Are Executed
    • s1e5A Treasure of Gold and Jade
    • s1e4Ever Busy are the Gods of Love
    • s1e3Both at Last Will Reach the Sea
    • s1e2None Ever Escape Alive
    • s1e1Nine Dozen Heroes and One Wicked Man