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Season 2


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  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s2e13The Dynasty of Kao
    • s2e12Knight of the Long Sword
    • s2e11Liang Shan Po and the Millionaire
    • s2e10A Concubine's Dowry
    • s2e9Lin Chung Is Beaten
    • s2e8Death of a Great Man
    • s2e7The War to End All Wars
    • s2e6Mourn the Slaughter of So Many
    • s2e5A Foolish Sage Who Got Involved
    • s2e4The Traps of Love and Hate
    • s2e3Heaven Aims the Master's Arrow
    • s2e2The Bravest Tiger Is First Killed
    • s2e1A Death for Love, More Deaths from Greed