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'The West Wing' cast stars in PSA supporting Justice for Vets

More and more weve come to expect less and less of each other, and The West Wing cast thinks that should change when it comes to supporting Americas veterans. Many of the stars of The West Wing appear in a new PSA for the organization Justice for Vets, a national organization...   Read More... //

'The West Wing' Cast Reunites for Justice for Vets PSA

The PSA will debut at a Wednesday event on the Warner Bros. lot with appearances by Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Mary McCormack and Dul Hill.   Read More... //

Rob Lowe Uses The West Wing to Attack Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan

  Unlike a lot of celebrities, Rob Lowe is not afraid to let his political flag fly high on Twitter - as evidenced by his pointed and controversial posts about Middle Eastern refugees just minutes after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November.... Read More... //

7 TV Presidents, Ranked From Worst to Best

Frank Underwood's surprise Republican debate appearance got us thinking about other TV presidents weve loved and loathed over the years. //

'The West Wing' Cast Gets "Cheesy" in White House Video Promo

For its second annual Big Block of Cheese Day, the White House recruited stars from the NBC political drama to promote the virtual gathering.   Read More... //

The West Wing's Allison Janney to Guest-Star on The Big C

The West Wing 's Allison Janney is set to guest-star on the upcoming season of The Big C , Showtime announced Tuesday. The Emmy-winning actress will play... //

8 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Couch Potato Dad!

Before you freak out and frantically check your calendar, don't worry, you still have time. But not that much! Father's Day, for all you forgetful sons and daughters, is Sunday June 20th this year, and if you've been too busy marathon-ing all your favorite shows on Sidereel to come up with a decent gift idea, we've got some for you! If your daddio loves his favorite shows as much as you do, he may be interested in some TV-themed gear, from tees and caps to mugs and bobbleheads. And of course, there's always the option of a DVD gift set -- especially if it comes in a sweet package. Check out our 8 gift suggestions for the TV addict Dad, complete with links for easy purchasing (procrastination is no longer an excuse): 1. Lost Encyclopedia If your pops is already going through Lost withdrawals since the series finale last month, this "encyclopedia" is the perfect collector's item for a true fanatic. Just make sure he doesn't bring it with him to the bathroom, in case you're hoping to skim through it too at some point! 2. The Office Bobblehead If Dad is a hardcore fan of The Office , make him feel like one of the gang with a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead (or any character, for that matter!) to place on his desk at home or at his own office! 3. The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection The West Wing is a total dad show, right? If your old man was a huge fan of the multi-Emmy-winning show, he'd probably love this complete series DVD set. It's a perfect summer marathon show when he's not too busy barbecuing, playing catch, or whatever it is dads like to do during the summer... 4. Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt Your dad not be much of a rebel nowadays, but now that you're all grown up, I'm sure he still has plenty of stories about all the trouble he used to get into in his "heyday." Help him relive his days as a wild child with a Sons of Anarchy tee. 5. Curb Your Enthusiasm Mug If your dad is the wry Larry David type, he might find humor in this clever eco-mug while he waits for the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm . Plus, you'll be doing him the extra favor of helping him be more green! 6. Friday Night Lights Panther Cap If your dad prefers Friday Night Lights football over the real-life teams he has lost faith in, help him show off his Panther pride and TV addict nature with a panthers cap! 7. Breaking Bad Soundtrack Breaking Bad is a pretty darn addicting show, so chances are if your dad is hooked, watching the show isn't enough to get his fix. The soundtrack is a must-have for any diehard fan. Plus, it's much more "manly" than the slightly more popular Glee volumes, but that's an option too, if he's into that... 8. iPad Okay, clearly this idea is just for the really generous kids (or maybe if you have like 7 siblings who all want to pitch in), but I couldn't help but include the gift that all dads are dying to get, just in honor of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family ! Plus, what dad wouldn't love to have the chance to watch his shows on the go? Got any other great TV-themed Father's Day gift ideas to share with your fellow Sidereelers? Share below!

Might Aaron Sorkin Come Back to TV?

I stumbled across this article in EW's Popwatch and I can only hope it speaks the truth. The great Aaron Sorkin (man behind The West Wing , as well as its short-lived predecessor Sports Night and follow-up Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip ) might be considering a return to television. From EW: "A source close to Sorkin says the uber-writer is in talks with Entourage to guest star on the comedy once it returns to HBO in July. And there may be more good news on the horizon: Although his dance card is filled with must-finish screenplays (a Facebook movie! A courtroom drama for George Clooney called The Challenge!) word is that Sorkin is mulling over the idea of a new TV drama that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a cable news program (think: Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC)." Granted, Sorkin's other two behind-the-scenes TV shows were short lived (Sports Night and Studio 60), but none of them were bad (not even Studio 60, despite what some claimed). And...just watch any West Wing episode that the man wrote and you'll see the great TV he is capable of creating. So..who's with me in hoping this comes to be?

The West Wing: Where Are They Now? - Featured

Continuing with this week's theme, it's time to examine where some of our favorite West Wing staffers have popped up since the show's conclusion. Martin Sheen - President Josiah Bartlett The greatest TV President has appeared in a multitude of films including Bobby, The Departed , Talk to Me and the upcoming Echelon Conspiracy . He also has a number of upcoming credits in various stages of production. Stockard Channing - Abigail Bartlett The lovely first lady has appeared in a film (Sparkle) in 2007 and has an upcoming film for 2009 - Multiple Sarcasms. She began narrating the Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor in 2008, is directing/producing the upcoming "The Joy of Funerals" and returned to Broadway with 2008's "Pal Joey". Bradley Whitford - Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford starred as Danny Tripp in Aaron Sorkin's short-lived follow up to The West Wing, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip , which aired for a single season in 2006. Whitford has appeared in films An American Crime and Bottle Shock , guest starred on Monk and starred in a Broadway play. He is currently starring in/producing a new pilot for NBC. Allison Janney - C.J. Cregg Allison Janney has appeared in a few films since her White House days including Hairspray and Juno. She guest starred in an episode of Two and a Half Men and provided a voice on 2 episodes of the animated Phineas and Ferb . She appeared in the internet video, Prop 8: The Musical and has a bunch of upcoming film credits for 2009. Rob Lowe - Sam Seaborn After leaving West Wing in 2006, Lowe starred in the short lived TV series Dr. Vegas, which only lasted for 10 episodes. He's also appeared in a few TV movies and now is a member of the ensemble cast of ABC drama Brothers & Sisters . He plays a senator! John Spencer - Leo McGarry "Leo McGarry" was John Spencer's final role, as he passed away of a heart attack in December 2005, while still a part of the West Wing's cast. A moving tribute episode was aired. Richard Schiff - Toby Ziegler Schiff has appeared in the films Waiting, Martian Child and Last Chance Harvey. He also has done some TV guest appearances in series including Burn Notice , Eli Stone and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . Dule Hill - Charlie Young I'm sure many of you recognize Dule Hill as one of the stars of USA Network 's Psych , where he plays Gus. He's also appeared in a few films: The Guardian, Whisper and Remarkable Power. Janel Moloney - Donna Moss Janel Moloney has guest starred in a few TV shows including Showtime 's Brotherhood (5 episodes), House , Law & Order: Criminal Intent and 30 Rock . She also appeared in the 2008 film "Puppy Love". Joshua Malina - Will Bailey Joshua Malina was one of the stars of last season's short-lived Big Shots on ABC. He's also made guest appearances on many TV shows including Numb3rs , Medium , CSI and most recently, Grey's Anatomy . Where have you seen other West Wing alums appear?!

Newsweek Spoofs "The City" with "The District"

Newsweek spoofs The City with "The District" - a web series centering on Barack Obama's first 100 days in office: The District: 'The District' | Ep. 1 | 'The Challenges We Face ... ' New episodes every Monday.