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Drug kingpin who inspired The Wire characters dies in prison

A Baltimore drug kingpin who inspired characters on HBO's The Wire has died while serving a term in federal prison in North Carolina. Baltimore Health Department spokesman Sean Naron confirmed on Tuesday that 54-year-old Nathan Barksdale died in a medical prison in Butner. Naron did not know exactly when Barksdale died, or how.... //

Melvin Williams, Inspiration for The Wire, Dead at 73

Melvin Williams, the inspiration for HBOs The Wire, died on Thursday. He was 73. Nicknamed, Little Melvin, Williams past as a drug kingpin in the 60s is said to have been the inspiration for Wood Harris character Avon Barksdale on the critically acclaimed drama. Williams eventually left the drug trade and went on to work with local pastors. He also had a recurring role on the series as Deacon, a pastor giving aid to West Baltimore youth.  Read More... //

'The Wire' Cast Reunites in Baltimore to Read Residents' Monologues

Dominic West, Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce were among the participants.   Read More... //

'The Wire' Alum Joins Fox's 'Rosewood' as Series Regular (Exclusive)

Domenick Lombardozzi will play a captain on the Morris Chestnut medical drama.   Read More... //

The Cast of The Wire Was Everywhere This TV Season

  This month has seen Wire alums Aiden Gillen (Baltimore politico Tommy Carcetti) wrap his fifth season as ever-scheming puppet master Petyr Littlefinger Baelish on Game of Thrones , and Pablo Schreiber (in-over-his-head dockworker Nick Sobotka) return as Pornstache on season three of Orange Is the New Black . Schreiber also debuts on HBOs The Brink as a slightly out-of-his-mind, pill-popping fighter pilot, but hes just one of a number of stars from The Wire showing up on television this season. With a snazzy new Blu-ray boxed set out to help remind viewers where many of these actors came from, heres a roundup of where you can find them cops and gangbangers alike.   Read More... //

The Wire's David Simon Is Developing a Porn Drama at HBO

Would you watch?    Read More... //

The Wire Revisited: Wendell Pierces Top 5 Moments

"'The Wire' will outlive us because of the uniqueness of what it communicates," the veteran actor says.   Read More... //

'The Wire,' '90210' Alums to Star in VH1 Hip-Hop Drama 'The Breaks'

Based on Dan Charnas' best-seller 'The Big Payback."   Read More... //

Amazon Digital Week: Best of Prime TV

Nearly all of our favorite shows are currently on a winter hiatus, but that's no reason to stop watching TV entirely (blasphemy)! Luckily, there's a wealth of shows available to watch for free via Amazon Prime . Here are some suggestions for the best TV available:     1. Downton Abbey                     2. Transparent                     3. Under the Dome                     4. Alpha House                    5. Vikings                       6. Justified                     7. Extant                     8. The Americans                     9. The Wire                     10. True Blood                   Personally, we plan on using this TV downtime to check out Transparent  which has gotten only rave reviews, including multiple Golden Globe nominations ! And, if you're not already a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up and get one month free  to begin watching right now.   Let us know which shows you plan on checking out - or which other series you will be watching instead!

Why Everyone Needs to Watch HBO's 'The Wire'

More than a decade ago, HBO first aired David Simon's The Wire , a complex, Dickensian series about Baltimore that is generally regarded as one of the greatest television shows ever made. Now the entire 60-episode series is available on Amazon Prime , and if you have yet to experience this program, now you can (and should). //