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The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale)

The time has come to say goodbye to the Principality of Rain and Nike’s family, and the series altogether.  Like many of these shoujo manga adaptations, the story must stop here because the manga is still running. There’s one last lingering bit of business regarding Nike’s grandmother, who refuses to see her favorite grandchild off.  As you can imagine, Nike is bothered by the lack of a goodbye and goes to see her.  When they won’t let her in, both she and Livi force their way into the courtyard.  Nike says what she wishes to her grandmother from the other side of a locked door, and Livi just has to get in the final word after that.  Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/06/30/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-12-anime-review-season-finale/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #11 Anime Review

With very little recap of what happened in the previous episode, we jump right back into the action taking place.  Nike, still locked in her prison and literally banging her head against the walls with Livi out there in a flooding marsh looking for the key to the tower where his princess is being kept. Suddenly the ‘who needs saving’ situation is reversed.  Nike is freed by her cousin who can’t bare to see her like that.  She rushes down to Livi only to find him lying on the dock, half drowned.  The whole time Nike has a running commentary in her head about her love for Livi as she starts trying to resuscitate him.  It’s the exact place where you shouldn’t put the opening, and yet it cuts into Nike’s shriek of frustration with it’s happy outlook on things.  Graceful is one thing this series has not been. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/06/23/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-11-anime-review/

The World is Still Beautiful Episode #10 Anime Review

After last week’s surprise moment of intimacy, Nike is struggling with her feelings towards her husband.  She tries to distract herself with menial tasks and tries to talk herself down from the ledge of love.  Despite all of that she ends up inviting Livi out for a rain soaked walk which ends up just drawing the two even closer. The strangely hostile man who was plotting in the shadows ends up being introduced as Nike’s cousin Kitora.  He’d been out traveling with Nike’s grandmother, who wasn’t happy when she found out her son-in-law had sent Nike away to be married in her absence.  Nike’s father comes off as a well meaning flake who admits that the grandmother holds all the power. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/06/16/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-10-anime-review/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #09 Anime Review

Oh, hello spoilery opening sequence edition.  Foreshadowing much? Livi and Nike are busy playing hosts to a trade conference among the many autonomous countries and regions allied with the Sun Empire.  Bored of the politics the happy young couple start planning a getaway for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Of course Neil and Bard won’t let them neglect their duties, so they’re putting up with some much needed… guidance about protocol. Nike is asked to perform a rain summoning, and she’s no longer putting up much of an argument about performing it.  Didn’t you have scruples about being used for entertainment, Nike?  A letter from home puts her on edge before the performance, and Livi calls her out on her sloppy work… as if he’s a judge of rain summoning now.  Nike confesses that the letter said her grandmother had collapsed and plans are made right away to travel to the Principality of Rain. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/06/09/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-09-anime-review/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #08 Anime Review

It looks like my panic over Livi’s behavior at the end of the last episode was a bit premature.  Livi put on a good show of being a ruler scorned, but when this episode opens he’s in the middle of an awkward attempt at smoothing things over with Nike. He’s still angry and flustered, and Nike calls him out on his lack of composure. Livi leaves Nike alone to her own devises, knowing that he can’t keep her locked up.  Nike sneaks out and springs Bard from prison so that she can talk to him, away from prying eyes and ears, about the real reason he came back to the country.  Nike is aware that he was concerned about Livi’s engagement and was just testing her, and Bard thinks it’s great that she’s so perceptive.  We discover a surprising fact locked up in Bard’s past, he was in love with Livi’s mother.  It was unrequited, of course, but the fact that neither young man could protect the woman they loved ended up causing an emotional divide that never really healed. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/06/02/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-08-anime-review/

The World is Still Beautiful Episode #07 Anime Review

The young royal couple is being run ragged by their busy schedules.  Nike is still being trained in dancing and charms, too busy to do anything but learn and sleep.  She hasn’t even seen her husband in awhile.  That’s when Livi arrives to whisk Nike away to a festival in town, ditching their duties for the day. Of course, Livi can’t just walk around a festival without a retinue, he’d be recognized in an instant.  So Nike disguises him as her little sister.  Cue the laugh track and the useless arguments from the King about his dignity.  While they go to great lengths to disguise Livi, Nike remains herself.  The populace seems to love her, but after all those earlier attempts on her life you’d think she would have taken some precautions.  The pair does remain oblivious to most of the fair goers, except for one handsome man who follows after them. Read More.... //www.fandompost.com/2014/05/27/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-07-anime-review/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #06 Anime Review

It was only a matter of time before some competition for the king’s heart arrived.  However, in typical nightmare fashion, the woman that arrives is a bite sized princess who claims that she had first dibs on Livi.  Shockingly, she is even louder and more brash than Nike, unhesitatingly proclaiming Nike a bitch and proceeding to out-princess her at every turn. Nike keeps telling herself that she shouldn’t let Luna’s words get under her skin, but she can’t help but feel inadequate.  She can try to be a good dancer or take her charm studies more seriously, but she’s always going to be who she is.  Everyone else seems to think that Luna and Livi would be a perfect match, except of course for Nike and Livi themselves. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/05/12/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-06-anime-review/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #05 Anime Review

I think the opening of  The World is Still Beautiful  is finally set in place.  Sigh. When we last left Nike she was about to be assassinated by the church goon squad during a ritual they created to get rid of unapproved mates for their monarch.  Nike is not your average princess though, and she fights back with her quick wits, giving the assassins the slip.  She’s not alone in the labyrinth though, and Livi pulls her into the shadows just in time to not be caught. The royal couple manage to evade the pursuers just long enough for Livi to dramatically fight back for his lady’s hand.  I doubt a kid of Livi’s stature would be able to handle a blade like he does, but he gains the power to fight back from love.  Or rage. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/05/05/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-05-anime-review/

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode #04 Anime Review

Women have had to endure a lot of stupid crap in the name of fashion over the centuries.  (Heck, we still do.  High heels are duuuumb.)  Nike is experiencing the pain of fashion first hand as this episode opens.  Corsets, weight loss, obnoxious fashion designers.  This story is still playing fast and loose with it’s setting, century, and all facets thereof.  It’s basically following the golden rule of comedy, anything goes for a joke. And yes, I’m happy to report the opening is still a work in progress. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/04/28/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-04-anime-review/

The World is Still Beautiful Episode #03 Anime Review

It’s pretty amusing how they keep adding things to the opening of this show.  Now the maids that wait on Nike are even in the opening.  Watching what they add to it each week might actually be my favorite part of the series.  Watch them stop next week and ruin my fun. Nike has her hands full with King Livi.  For a kid whose barely begun to reach puberty he’s awfully forward with his behavior toward Nike.  She wakes up one morning not long after the fire and finds him naked in her bed.  Startled doesn’t begin to describe her reaction.  Livi is probably just behaving this way to annoy her, but there’s definitely a spark of ‘I’m the king, I can do whatever I want’ about the whole situation. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/04/21/the-world-is-still-beautiful-episode-03-anime-review/