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Simon Cowell's Audition Advice for The X Factor Season 2 (VIDEO)

The man himself spills inside secrets on how to improve your chances of being noticed on The X Factor USA Season 2! //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/BcUvTgXX8CA/simon-cowells-audition-advice-for-the-x-factor-season-2

The X Factor USA Season 2 Promo (VIDEO)

Auditions are underway, and the judge search is heating up! Here's the first official promo for The X Factor USA Season 2. Get excited! We are! //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/gH8Zg49YFT4/x-factor-usa-season-2-promo

'X Factor': Britney Spears talks resume, but she wants an easy out

The ongoing saga of Britney Spears possibly joining "The X Factor" seems to have taken a favorable turn. The pop star appears to be inching closer to signing a deal, but she and EP Simon Cowell look to be at loggerheads over one key thing, how long she'll stay with the show.A source tells HollywoodLife.com that "Simon Cowell wants at least a two-year commitment and Britney wants an out clause if she doesn't want to continue after one year."The publication is reporting that FOX and show producers have upped the salary range from the $10 million Spears reportedly balked at to somewhere in the $12-15 million range."Money is not an issue for the show," the source says. "As of now, they are looking to pay her $12-15 million for the first season, with a drastic price hike for a second year based on ratings performance."The network, producers and Spears remain mum on the matter. That... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/x-factor-britney-spears-talks-resume-but-she-wants-an-easy-out.html

'X Factor': Simon Cowell outlines criteria for judges search

It was pretty clear that certain things weren't working on "The X Factor." As a result, the under-performing singing competition cleaned house by dumping Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger from the judges panel. While certain names have been bandied about as possible replacements - including Britney Spears and Katy Perry - Simon Cowell has some specific ideas as to what he's looking for."Number one is commitment, because it's not like the other shows," Cowell tells AOL. "We do have to work three or four days a week with these contestants. So while we're not on TV, we're spending time with them and we have to make time."Cowell continues, "Number two is we need people who are prepared to show a different side of their personality. If I'm watching one of these shows and it's someone well known, I want to get to know the real person. So we need somebody who's brave enough to do... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/x-factor-simon-cowell-outlines-criteria-for-judges-search.html

'X Factor': Simon Cowell mocks Adam Levine over 'super final' comments

It looks like the war of words is just getting started between "The X Factor" creator/judge Simon Cowell and Adam Levine of "The Voice." And it's not going to be music to anyone's ears.The origin of the spat began when Cowell suggested a super final between the winners of "X Factor," "American Idol" and "The Voice." The Maroon 5 singer rejected the idea during a recent TV interview.He tells "Access Hollywood" that Cowell's "so hell bent on competing with other shows...We're not really interested." Cowell dismissed Levine's statement while taking a bit of a dig. "It's all very well Adam talking about it, but it's got nothing to do with him," Cowell tells AOL. "I was talking to the guys who actually own the show to see if they're up for it, and if they're up for it and the networks are, it's a whole different ball game.""I think anything that could make things more... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/x-factor-simon-cowell-mocks-adam-levine-over-super-final-comments.html

'X Factor': Show might add a second host; Britney Spears a possible judge

Simon Cowell promised a number of changes to try to boost ratings of his under-performing show "The X Factor" going into Season 2. And it looks like there might be double the fun on stage next year.FremantleMedia North America, the company that produces the series, tells TV Guide that the singing competition might have two hosts next season to replace the recently fired Steve Jones."Simon's vision was always to have a man and woman host this and to make it feel a little bit like an award ceremony," says company CEO Cecile Frot-Coutaz. "A glamorous girl and a good-looking guy doing a kind of double act."The double host scenario is something that "American Idol" tried out in their first season when Brian Dunkleman stood alongside Ryan Seacrest on the show. Dunkleman was sacked and Seacrest has gone on to become a star. Frot-Coutaz also explains to the publication about the show's surprise decision to dump... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/x-factor-show-might-add-a-second-host-britney-spears-a-possible-judge.html

'X Factor': Nicole Scherzinger tells her side of axing

The players in the late January firing spree at "The X Factor" are now starting to speak up. First it was FOX executive Mike Darnell. Then Simon Cowell explained his side of the story. And now the recently ousted Nicole Scherzinger is talking about her thoughts.In an interview with "Access Hollywood" Scherzinger says, "What happened? Well, all I know is that I gave 110 percent to that show...I know everybody's talking about it, they're saying good, bad, they love me or hate me, but the one thing you can't say is that I didn't give it my all."Scherzinger offered nothing but praise for her co-workers on the singing competition."I had a wonderful experience on the show," she says. "I loved being a part of my 'X Factor' family. Nothing could obviously prepare me for everything I had to go through, all the emotions and stuff, but I have no regrets."Scherzinger's departure seemed all but certain... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/x-factor-nicole-scherzinger-tells-her-side-of-axing.html

'X Factor': Simon Cowell blames FOX for Paula Abdul firing, debunks Beyonce, Mariah Carey rumors

Simon Cowell is finally talking about the late January bloodletting that saw the firing of Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones from "The X Factor." And he's passing the blame on Abdul's departure right back onto FOX.Cowell tells "Extra" that FOX execs told him to unload the judge, saying the word came down "at the beginning of the year-- and we were told it had to happen straight away.""I would've liked to have kept her," Cowell adds. "She was very gracious and I said that to her...She understands it's business; it's never personal."As for Scherzinger's departure, a move that seemed obvious to many, Cowell says, "I don't think she's mad. I think she's disappointed."Cowell also dismissed rumors about Beyonce or Mariah Carey joining the show and certainly not at the $100 million per season price tag that has been thrown about."I have no idea where this rumor [about Beyonce] came from. I read it... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/x-factor-simon-cowell-blames-fox-for-paula-abdul-firing-debunks-beyonce-mariah-carey-rumors.html

'The X Factor': L.A. Reid signs on for Season 2

After a tumultuous week that saw the ousting of Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones from "The X Factor," it appears that the show has some good news to report. L.A. Reid will be back. The Hollywood Reporter says that the head of Epic Records has signed on for Season 2 of the singing competition. This is certainly a relief for the show considering Reid's departure would have thrown the program into serious disarray.Given Reid's industry credentials, he certainly can deliver the judging heft that Simon Cowell seems to be angling toward. In addition to Reid's work with A-list singers like Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and Usher, Epic signed on "The X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro.As for who will replace Abdul, Jones and Scherzinger, this remains up in the air. There have been rumblings that Beyonce and Mariah Carey are both being considered as judges. But each artist will certainly come with a hefty price... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/the-x-factor-la-reid-signs-on-for-season-2.html

'The X Factor': Could Beyonce be the next judge?

After the Great "X Factor" Shakeup of Jan. 30, we know Simon Cowell is looking to make big changes to the American version of his latest talent-seeking reality show. With both Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger off the judging panel (and Steve Jones out as host), Cowell is seeking some high-profile female entertainers to take their places.Word on the street that one of the ladies he's approached to fill one of the judges' seats is none other than new mom Beyonce, and he's offering a LOT of money if she says yes.According to Media Takeout, an insider says that Cowell wants an extremely famous current artist on the judging panel. "He wants a big name female star on the panel. Mariah [Carey] is good, but she's not that hot today," the source says. "He wants Beyonce because that would immediately give him the bounce needed to beat 'American Idol.'"If Beyonce says yes, she could make... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/the-x-factor-could-beyonce-be-the-next-judge.html