The Young and the Restless

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The Young and the Restless

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on CBS
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10 Seasons, 1001 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Young and the Restless takes place in Genoa City. The main charters work for Jabott. Named after John Abbot. (Deceased) or Newman Enterprises owned by Victor Newman. Johns son Jack and Victor are life long enemies. They become friends when it is to their best intrest. Both have been married to Victors WIfe Nikki.


Ep. #6924

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Ashley and Jack confirm that the Glow By Jabot House is on, whether Jill agrees or not. Jack tells Raul, Billy and Brittany that the web site is up and running. Raul is happy that Mac will be spending so much time with him this summer, but when he begins

Episode Reviews

by ZaneAppeal

Sep 17, 2019

The Boys manages to capture a maturity and realism not easily found in the Superhero show, and quickly defines itself as one of the best in the genre. Not content with coasting by on spectacle alone, The Boys takes a look into the socio-political aspects of Superheroes, and how their actions can have rippling consequences across lives.
The depth of the story makes many other Superhero shows look shallow and childish in comparison. As it stands, this is easily the best Superhero show I've seen to date. This makes shows on The CW look like.. well the CW.

by Shivoncarla

Dec 22, 2019


The Boys is an expert deconstruction of superhero stories, with an appropriately wintery view of institutional power, be it corporate, governmental, religious, or caped. This ultra-violent dark satire flips the script on our preconceived idealistic notions of what a superhero show should be.

by ftc_73

Aug 18, 2019

The story itself is pretty good...I have serious issues with some of the accents, they are simply awful. Karl Urban is the absolute worst. He clearly has an Australian accent, but he's repeatedly referred to in the show as being British. Do the show-runners think we can't tell the difference? Or is he legitimately trying to do a British accent and just failing worse than any actor has failed at anything before? Tomer Capon as Frenchie is nearly as bad. Why does this character need a French accent at all? The actor clearly can't do one. And its terribleness is compounded by the fact that it's laid on 500% too think, to the point where it's difficult to understand what he's even saying half the time.

by Princesse_Sierra

Feb 28, 2020

A great watch - an off-beat take on superheroes with memorable and twisted versions of well known characters. Not entirely sure where I stand on the finale ending on a cliffhanger, but I'm definitely looking forward to S02

by Moniie

Jan 30, 2020

Different kind of superhero show, the superheroes are basicly assholes in here ( sorry for the language lol), and then theres this group ''the boys'' who goes up against them.
The characters are interesting and this show has a dark type of humor, it does get quite graphic sometimes too. This is more drama than action though. The special effects were nice.
I did not like it as much as other reviewers anywhere did i think though >