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Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 22 - Goodbye to Camelot

The episode starts off with a grenade explosion in the locker room where Faith is at. After the explosion, bullets start flying at the 55th Prescient, the gangbangers are trying to free Marcel Hollis. The firefighters hear the noise and saw the police station on fire and saw some of the cars on fire. They start getting everyone ready to go. Ty, Monroe, Faith, Bosco, and Sully try to go out the front where they are ambushed and forced to got back inside. Faith and Emily go out the back to find out that it is clear. It's then Marcel Hollis tells Monroe that Cruz is stuck, as Monroe goes to help Cruz, Marcel disappears. which is when Ty, Bosco, and Sully talk to Swarsky, he tells them to go out back and wait for help, Bosco Replies "come on, you gonna let them just shoot up the prescient like that", Swarsky agrees to let them clear the front, when they get out there, and see it is clear, which is when they notice two yellow H2's driving away, which is when Carlos comes up behind them, startling them so they point there weapons at him (funny part, he almost craps his pants). Cruz and Monroe realize they need help to get Cruz out, which is when Swarsky meets up with the fire guys and tells them he's the last one out, and that the roof in anti-crime is about to go. As Monroe heads towards the stairs to go get help, the roof clasps. After Ty, Bosco, and Sully get around back, Ty asks Swarsky where Monroe is. Monroe gets back up and sees the roof clasped and blocked the stairs, which is when she heads to the window, she breaks the window and the fire guys break the bars with the ladder and rescues Cruz and Monroe.After the fire is out, Carlos is talking to Holly who is frustrated at what Faith said, which is when Carlos says "damit Holly will you marry me" (when you can hear some kind of metal hitting the ground and see Davis and Monroe looking at Carlos who is facing them (Davis is telling Carlos to get on his knee). Holly says yes to Carlos. In the meantime, Cruz tells Swarsky that it was Marcel Hollis who did it, he gets mad at her and says to wait for an investigation, she agrees, when Bosco does not. She walks away and Bosco follows, she tells him to come with her, they go to her house and she finds a box with lots of illegal weapons in it, including two grenades that she puts in her pockets without Bosco seeing. They leave to a spot where they find Marcel Hollis in an Auto Shop, where his gangbangers are staying guard. She gives Bosco her firearm and says call for backup when the time is right, Bosco asks her when will he know, she says he will know. Cruz gets permission to see Marcel and she asks him why he saved her back at the 55. He states they are alike, that she's a warrior, like him. She then asks him one last time to be come with her, that he is under arrest, he laughs, so does his right hand man. Which is when she pulls the pins to the grenades in her pockets and show them to Marcel, both of them stop laughing. Outside, Bosco see the explosion of the building, it fades out. In the meantime, Carlos goes and see's Doc in the mental hospital. He tells him how much he misses him and say how much he wants him at his wedding. Swarsky meets up with Bosco, Sully, Davis, Monroe, Faith, and Finney. He gives them there new assignments. Bosco = Bed sty (do or die in bed sty)Faith = Major CrimesSully = RetiresMonroe = SoHoDavis = Anti-CrimeFinney = Anti-CrimeSwarsky then says"you are all good cops, each and everyone of you""the 55 is dismissed"they hug, shake hands, and say there last goodbyes, Davis and Sully cry and say how much they love each other.It ends with Sully Narrating"the 55 closed that day, the one I knew anyway, it's being rebuilt ten blocks away, the thing is, the new prescient won't be at the corner of king and Arthur, so there won't be any Camelot, the idea of Camelot, Place where heroes gather before going out to battle evil, that'll still be alive, in whatever building becomes the 55, it lives in every police station and firehouse in the city, hell in the country, in the world for that matter""Bob Swarsky retired as Deputy Chief, he spends his days playing with his 12 grandkids, being our boss prepared him for that pretty well""DK took over the Squad when Walsh got Battalion Chief""Carlos and Holly got married, today they got three kids and a big house on Stanton Island, Ty says Carlos is a good father, he finally found the family he always wanted""Ty and Sasha are still seeing each other, they say there going to get married once there careers slow down, but, I think it's going to be a while, He's and Anti-Crime Lieutenant in charge of half of Manhattan, and Sasha's running for City Council, according to the paper I get up here, she's leading in the polls""Brendan is Lut. Davis's Sergeant, on the anti-crime task force, they make a pretty good team, there group has the most arrests in the city""Grace put three more years on the street, she became in instructor for the ems, she couldn't work on the street anymore, being pregnant and all, in the end her mother was right, she became a teacher, she and Brendan are celebrating there first anniversary next week""When Faith called in a major crime, she got a surprise. Her boss, besides leading the dept. in homicide clearances, she never lost her passion for a case that involved a kid, she and Capt. Miller are thinking about moving in together, after Emily graduates from college that is""Maritza Cruz was awarded the medal of honor""Bosco, hell Bosco's doing the same thing he's always done, bawls out every day, every job, kicken ass, takin names and being the Police" "Me, I found my own little peace of heaven, small cabin 108 feet from a lake, nothing but peace and quiet, all I do battle with is the occasional northern, but I consider myself lucky to be a part of that brotherhood, even for a little while." Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 21 - End of Tour

TELEVISED HOSTAGE CRISIS DISTRACTS YOKAS FROM HER OWN DAUGHTER'S FIGHT FOR LIFE -- Detective Yokas (Molly Price) tries to negotiate a peaceful ending to a televised hostage crisis where a young man Tommy (guest star Chris Stack) threatens to kill his father who sexually abused children while heading a bizarre religious cult. All the while, unbeknownst to Yokas, her own daughter Emily (Bonnie Dennison) is being held captive at home by a wannabe vampire Dante (guest star Luke Robertson). Elsewhere: Cruz (Tia Texada) vows revenge when her partner Santiago (guest star Manny Perez) is shot as payback in a deadly gang turf war; Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) is frustrated in his attempts to propose to Levine (Yvonne Jung), and Grace (Cara Buono) agonizes over a comatose Finney (Josh Stewart). Coby Bell, Nia Long and Skipp Sudduth also star. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 20 - How Do You Spell Belief?

BIZARRE TRAFFIC TIE-UP YIELDS DEADLY SHOOTINGS AND EXPOSES CHILD-ABUSE CULT; SERIES STAR SKIPP SUDDUTH DIRECTS -- Officers Davis (Coby Bell) and Finney (Josh Stewart) are injured and two parents are murdered in a bizarre traffic tie-up that climaxes when a driver goes berserk and shoots the victims while allowing their teenaged son (as Stephen, guest star Peter Scanavino) to escape. But Detective Yokas (Molly Price) discovers another slaying - all of which are all connected to a cult that thrives on kiddie porn and child abuse. Elsewhere: Cruz (Tia Texada) looks to break up a lethal gang war while pondering her recent experience with the Santeria sect; Emily Yokas (Bonnie Dennison) is persuaded by the vampire-worshipping Dante (guest star Luke Robertson) to come to his lair that night; and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) wants to buy an engagement ring. Series star Skipp Sudduth directs. Cara Buono also stars. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 19 - Welcome Home

Fearing death, a distracted Sergeant Cruz (Tia Texada) delves into the frightening world of the cultic Santeria after a woman is burned to death and encounters a mysterious practitioner (guest star Reg E. Cathey) who knows her condition -- and soon, even Cruz softens when she thinks she sees her dead sister. Elsewhere, Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) is upset when girlfriend Levine (guest star Yvonne Jung) takes him to meet her backwoods parents in Virginia where he learns a bit too much about her family. Meanwhile, Yokas (Molly Price) urges former partner Bosco (Jason Wiles) to admit his vision is too impaired to stay on the streets. Coby Bell, Nia Long and Josh Stewart also star. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 18 - Too Little, Too Late

Ty and Brendan pick up one of two robbers, and Cruz sends them undercover as construction workers to get the second. Ty goes to a hot dog truck to get Brendan and himself some lunch, and ends up getting a little something extra from the sexy woman who runs the hot dog truck. Brendan later notices that the woman is running a prostitution racket out of her truck, and Ty is horrified. Brendan and and Ty chase down the second robber, and Brendan tells Cruz about the hot dog lady. Ty shushes him, but it's too late, and Cruz arrests the hot dog lady, who not only knows Ty, but a lot of other guys on the job. Bosco is so desperate to be back on the streets that he volunteers to partner up with Sasha. While he doesn't approve of what she did with IAB, he doesn't necessarily hold it against her either. Sasha finally decides to be excited about her pregnancy, but hasn't quite yet told her sergeant or her coworkers. While Sasha and Bosco are dealing with a disturbed woman who can't get her welfare check and has decided to hold the welfare office manager at gunpoint, Sasha gets into a struggle with the woman and Bosco accidentally shoots his partner. Sasha goes into surgery and loses the baby, although she'll be okay. Sasha's sister thinks Sasha was shot on purpose, but Sasha knows that's not true. Ty finds out that he just lost a baby he didn't even know he had, and goes to Sasha's bed side. Faith tells Bosco she's worried about him being on the streets, but Bosco doesn't want to talk to her about it. Cruz realizes her illness isn't just going to go away on its own when her gums start spontaneously bleeding at work. She sees her doctor, who tells her that her only recourse at this point is chemo, because her immune system is shutting down. Manny notices Cruz's pamphlet on chemo, and tells her she's not as alone as she thinks she is. Faith realizes Emily is lying to her and dating a guy named David. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 17 - Kingpin Rising

While the cops are identifying the remains of the four gangleaders that Hollis blew up, Hollis rallies the rest of the gangleaders together into a kind of board of directors, promising them that their "soldiers" will far out-number the cops. Cruz immediately knows to go after Hollis, but is surprised when he comes to her. He tells her that things are going well, that there's no war in the wake of Maddox's death. She wants to get him for the four murders, but he has a perfect alibi. When Cruz hears that the young boy who killed Maddox, Michael, is being charged as an adult, she goes to talk to his mother, Deborah Dawkins. Deborah admits to Cruz that Hollis gave Michael the gun he used to kill Maddox, and Cruz arrests Hollis. Hollis warns Cruz that she's making a mistake, that innocent people will die if he's locked up. Cruz is horrified when, late that night, there is a drive-by shooting at a bus stop and six people are killed, including a nine-year-old girl. Bosco is back on the force and paired with Sully. Bosco is a little defensive about his recovery, and Sully is a little defensive when Bosco starts talking about Sasha, but otherwise, they get along okay, and Sully actually ends up telling Bosco how much he admires that Bosco never lets the system get him down. Bosco and Sully discover a woman lying in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor, and find out that her vampire-loving 15-year-old daughter is missing. Faith gets the case, and works it with Bosco and Sully, visiting the vampire club downtown where the daughter hangs out. Faith pisses off the head vampire there, Dante, hoping he'll lead her to the daughter. Faith finally finds the daughter at a friend's house, where the girl admits to trying to kill her own mother. Meanwhile, the pissed-off head vampire, Dante, decides to approach Emily Yokas, Faith's daughter, and pretends that he met her at a friend's party. Sully worries that Ty is starting to date someone else and still hasn't talked to Sasha. Holly comes back to work earlier than expected because she realizes that Carlos is no fun to be around when he's sick. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 16 - In the Family Way

IN A SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE, NEAL MCDONOUGH AND KELLI WILLIAMS FROM NBC'S 'MEDICAL INVESTIGATION' ARRIVE TO HEAD OFF MYSTERY DISEASE THREATENING NEW YORK -- RECORDING ARTIST WYCLEF JEAN GUEST STARS -- In a special crossover episode, Dr. Connor (Neal McDonough) from NBC's drama "Medical Investigation" and Dr. Durant (guest star Kelli Williams) from the elite N.I.H. team, are called into New York after a captured jewelry store thief who is AWOL from the Army displays unusual symptoms of an unknown contagious disease that is spreading fast -- and his accomplice is still on the run. Meanwhile, Cruz (Tia Texada) witnesses a gangbanger in her custody as he is gunned down by a 13-year-old boy and she senses a slick rival (as Marcel, guest star Wyclef Jean) is behind the murder. In addition, Yokas (Molly Price) has doubts about her former partner and a worried Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) gets a pleasant surprise. Coby Bell, Cara Buono, Nia Long, Josh Stewart, Skipp Sudduth and Jason Wiles also star. DURING PART TWO OF THE "MEDICAL INVESTIGATION"/"THIRD WATCH" CROSSOVER EVENT, CONNER AND YOKAS WORK TOGETHER TO TRACK THE SOURCE OF THE MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS THAT HAS INFECTED PARAMEDIC CARLOS NIETO AND THREATENS NEW YORK CITY -- As the drama that began on "Third Watch" continues, the rest of the team joins Conner (Neal McDonough) and Natalie (Kellie Williams) in New York as they race against the clock to determine what the deadly virus is that has landed paramedic Carlos Nieto (Anthony Ruivivar, NBC's "Third Watch") and the robbery suspect that he was attending to in the ICU. Conner teams up with Detective Faith Yokas (Molly Price, NBC's "Third Watch") to search for the robber's accomplice, whom they hope will lead them to the source of the disease. Meanwhile, Eva (Anna Belknap) tries to console Holly (Yvonne Jung, "Third Watch") as she waits to learn if Carlos is going to live or die. As more infected people arrive at the hospital, the team must race against time to track the source of the mysterious illness before more patients die. Chris Gorham and Troy Winbush also star. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 15 - Revelations

Bosco is allowed back on the force once he requalifies, but his vision is fuzzy in his right eye and he can't shoot straight. He asks Faith to shoot for him, but she points out that he shouldn't be back on the streets if he can't shoot. Bosco gets bent out of shape and thinks that Faith is letting him down; he insists that he can't sit behind a desk for the rest of his life. Cruz is told by her doctor that if she doesn't get treatment, it's a death sentence, but Cruz says she'd rather enjoy her life than prolong it. In pursuit of a gangbanger, Maddox, who has been burying bodies of murder victims in other people's coffins, Cruz is more reckless than ever, and Santiago worries about her. Carlos tries to report Holly missing, but no one will take him seriously because she's still officially on vacation from work. Grace runs into a heroin-addicted homeless woman who turns out to be her mother, a nurse who became addicted to morphine while serving in Vietnam. Grace wants to take her mother to dinner that night and talk to her, but her mother runs away. Monroe is forced to admit to her partner, Sully, that she's pregnant, but makes him promise not to tell Ty. Sully tries to encourage Ty to talk to Monroe, but he's not interested. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 14 - The Kitchen Sink

Monroe is pregnant, and continues to work with the squad, even though no one wants anything to do with her. She tries to talk to Ty, but he doesn't want to talk to her. The kid who fell in the playground (from "The L Word") calls Brendan's cell phone. The kid, Ben Reynolds, tells Brendan that his daddy is hurting his mommy, and when Brendan finally arrives at Ben's apartment, he finds his mother stabbed and Ben missing. Brendan and Ty work with detectives Faith and Jelly to track down Ben and his father, who has gone off his psychotic medication. They finally track them to the printing house where Ben's dad used to work, and they end up in a car chase. Ben's dad, cornered, threatens to slit Ben's throat, but instead lets his son go and slits his own throat. Brendan counsels a confused Ben on loving his father even if his father has done bad things. Carlos is in a foul mood which annoys Grace. Brendan finds Grace at the firehouse and says he'd like to be more serious with her. Source Here

Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 13 - The Other L Word

Grace and Carlos respond to the call for paramedics to the 55th precinct police station, and they realize that the terrorist still has the radiation source on him, taped around his mid-section. The precinct house is temporarily evactuated, and Cruz, Rice, Carlos and Grace all go to the hospital to get checked out, along with the terrorist who dies en route. Their tests all come out okay, but Dr. Fields finds out that there is something else very wrong with Cruz that she's not dealing with. Cruz finds the terrorist's car and uses it to track down the guy behind the plan, who she takes down just after Rice is shot in the leg. Brendan attends his father's wake with his family. Ty stops by, as does Grace, who offers Brendan some unique comfort during this difficult time. Sully enrages Ty when he scoffs at the whole story of C.T. dying while working on his car right before he was supposed to turn himself in. Through a misunderstanding, Carlos drives Holly even further away, and when he goes to her apartment to apologize, all he finds is a note saying that she's gone home. Faith and her daughter have a mellow night at home together. Bosco is released from the hospital and is greeted with honor by most of his precinct outside the hospital doors. Source Here