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New ‘To Love Ru Darkness’ Anime Series Green Lit

With two seasons and a few OVAs behind it, the  To Love Ru  property expanded in late 2012 with  To Love Ru Darkness , which ran for twelve episodes and brought more very erotic anime to the small screen from Xebec. Now comes word that another project has been given the green light in Japan, though there aren’t any details yet. According to the tweet from the official account for the series, more information will be coming on April 4th when the issue for  Jump Square  debuts. Read More.... //

First ‘To Love-Ru Darkness’ Anime Promo Released

The fall season is inching closer and closer and more promos are starting to surface bit by bit. The latest to come through is for the upcoming series  To Love-Ru Darkness , which was released by the   official website  in Japan today. The series continues to adapt the manga source material, this one a spin-off done by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki. The show is planned for an October release with a focus on the characters of Momo and Yami. The series is getting a return with other characters as well and the voice cast is coming back alongside the director of the first series, Atusshi Ootsuki. Read More... //

‘To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness’ Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

Having just finished watching  Motto To Love Ru , the news that the 2010 ongoing run of  To Love Ru -Trouble- Darkness  getting made into an anime series is definitely positive and welcome news. After the two season original series and a follow up series that ran for one season, the team is returning for another installment according to the latest issue of Jump Square magazine which brought that information to light. According to the blurb, original director Atsushi Ootsuki will be coming back to that position with Xebec again handling the animation while Yuichi Ouka is tackling the character designs. The manga series has three volumes under its belt so far since starting in the fall of 2010 as written by Saki Hasemi with artwork by Kentaro Yabuki for the shonen magazine. Read More... //

To Love Ru Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

I think I hit my saturation point with romantic fanservice comedies that included the very common set up of one wishy-washy guy surrounded by many attractive women sometime between 2009 and 2010. Even before then it was a group that could be rather hit or miss with me. There were those which brought a chuckle and a smile (among them Girls Bravo, Happy Lesson [other than the ending], and the granddaddy of them all, Tenchi Muyo!), while others fell rather flat. But it was in the past couple years, after being subjected to Omamori Himari, Asobi ni Ikuyo! (retitled Cat Planet Cuties for American consumption), Demon King Daimao, and Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts, that I think I have largely had enough. I enjoy seeing attractively designed female characters, but the “funny adventures” they have in the company of a milquetoast or indecisive, muddle-headed idiot no longer hold any attraction for me. I don’t care if they all fall into an inescapable black hole. Read More... //

Sentai Filmworks Shows Off ‘To Love Ru’ Complete Artwork

If you missed out on or passed on the two half season sets of  To Love Ru  from Sentai Filmworks, the complete collection is set to land on September 6th for $70 and the company has let loose with the cover artwork for it. There’s no real surprises here as it uses much the same design elements and artwork from the previous collections, but it works pretty well in showing off one of the key points of the show in that it contains Cute Girls. The twenty-six episode set contains the same Japanese only language track with English subtitles along with the clean opening and closing for the extras on it. Read More... //