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To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #12 Anime Review

Momo’s obsession with Rito – and her eagerness to follow her Harem Plan to completion – is getting stronger. Bad news for the school’s newly-formed Venus Momo Club, dedicated to her admiration – and willing to lay down their lives for her protection, if need be. Having them cater to her every need is not exactly her idea of a good time. And neither is the amount of time that Rito’s spending away with Lala lately… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #11 Anime Review

After many years of separation, Yami – or Eve, as Tearju calls her – is finally reunited with the nearest thing she has to a mother. As reunions go, it’s more awkward than happy. Both of them have things they want to say and questions they want answered, and Yami doesn’t feel that she can go back to how things were – which leaves Tearju almost distraught. Mea, meanwhile, is keeping a close watch on Tearju’s activities… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #10 Anime Review

A trip back to the past, to the lab where Yami was “born” – although not in the sense you’d usually use the word. Cloned, or created, would probably be more accurate. Her “mother” was renowned biologist Tearju Lunatik, who despite all her intelligence and knowledge in her chosen field wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box in other areas – and soon came to realise that bringing Yami up in an isolated lab wasn’t the best thing for her. Momo and Mikan, meanwhile, are doing their best to make sure that Yami and Rito stay as far apart as their current predicament will allow… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #09 Anime Review

Yami has been thinking a lot lately – about who and what she is, the time she’s spent with Rito and his friends, about who she wants to be – and about the memories she doesn’t have of her past life. She wants to be something other than what she is  now  but doesn’t seem to be too sure of what she wants to  be . When one of Lala’s machines leaves her seemingly permanently attached to Rito, though, self-preservation becomes her main thought… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #08 Anime Review

Starting the day by having your tail licked? Certainly works for Momo – even if Rito just dreaming that it’s an ice-cream. Momo, though, is less than pleased at Momo’s nocturnal wanderings – and between that and the string of unwanted love letters that she’s been getting lately, she’s not in the best of moods. A chance encounter with Rin proves just the thing to cheer her up, though… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #07 Anime Review

Having noticed Nana’s lack of development in certain departments, Lala’s come up with a little gadget to help her sister: the Boobie-Up, which Nana’s overjoyed with. THere’s an unfortunate side-effect, though, as Momo’s ample bosom disappears in exchange. Meanwhile, efforts to learn more about Mea and her Master are still drawing a blank, while Rito’s trying to figure out exactly what it is that he feels for Lala… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #06 Anime Review

With Rito stuck in his Riko form for the time being, Momo’s seizing the opportunity to add some yuri to her harem plan – no matter how hard Riko may try to object. Her lovin’ is interrupted by a surprise visit from Mea, though, who wants to see what Momo’s  really  like. Meanwhile, Run has something she needs to talk to Rito about… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #05 Anime Review

During swimming class, Mea feels dejected about the outcome of Azenda’s battle. She’s tried to convince Yami to revert back to being a weapon, but Yami’s convinced that there’s more to life than fighting – an argument that seems to have struck a chord with Mea, and when Nana is later nearly run over by a truck, Mea’s instinctive response – to try and protect her friend – surprises even her… Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #04 Anime Review

This week, on  YamiYuri … The vindictive Azenda the Tyrant comes to Earth to provoke Yami into fighting again. Later, Haruna and Rito have yet another awkward encounter, and Mikan and Yami grow closer – so close that Yami compromises her old assassin beliefs… Once upon a time, Azenda was a tyrant of note: feared and infamous, she had it all (we’re talking in terms of ruthless killers here), until Golden Darkness delivered a pointed lesson in ass-kicking and humiliation. And so Azenda’s out for revenge – and how better than by humiliating Yami by killing Rito – and possibly a few other people near and dear to her along the way? Yami, meanwhile, has been thinking long and hard about her friendship with Mikan – the one person now who she truly feels comfortable and able to forget her killer past around. And so when Azenda decides to use Mikan as a disposable pawn in her plan for revenge, Yami doesn’t take it too well. Read More... //

To Love-ru Darkness Episodes #01 – 03 Anime Review

Life for Rito continues much as it had last time we saw him – he’s got a house full of alien girls, and a knack for finding them naked. Which in Momo’s case at least seems to be worryingly convenient. Golden Darkness is still keeping a close eye on him, too – which, since she’s supposed to kill him when she gets the chance, worries Rito  a lot . So you would think that Rito’s life couldn’t get much more stressful – but it can… Read More... //