To Love-Ru
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To Love-Ru

"Yami-Yami Fashion - Wonderful Love? - Twins Escape"

Date Aired: Oct 25, 2010 (Japan)

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Risa and Mio find Yami reading fashion magazines. As Yami always wears the same clothes Risa and Mio bring her to a clothes shop and try to find her a new style. Yami finds a attractive new style, but she cannot use her transform ability without damaging them. In the end she appears to have reverted to her normal clothes but with a surprise. When Haruna takes her dog Maron, out for a walk she feels that someone is stalking her. She finds Oshizu on her break from Mikado-sensei's clinic, and asks for help. Lala helps Haruna by making a machine that switches their bodies. Using the bait trick, Lala and Oshizu defeat the stalker. The stalker turns out to be a female dog like alien that fell in love with Maron. Gid orders Zastin to retrieve Nana and Momo, because they escaped to evade studying the Royal Lineage of Deviluke. Nana and Momo try to hide in Rito and Mikan's house but run after Zastin finds them. Nana and Momo then use their Pe-dials to summon dangerous animals and plants to attack Zastin and his assistants forcing him to admit defeat.
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