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'Top Chef Duels' ends with a rapid-fire finale

Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart recaps the season finale of Bravo's "Top Chef Duels," which he calls the best "Top Chef" spin-off so far, despite its overbearing host.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' series finale recap: Finale

Nine chefs duel to determine a culinary champion.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Kevin Gillespie vs. Art Smith

A traditionalist Top Chef Master battles a culinary newcomer for the soul of the American South.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Stephanie Izard vs. Kristen Kish

Top Chef 's two female champions do battle in a culinary garden of forbidden delights.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Nyesha Arrington vs. Jennifer Carroll

Two Top Chef complainants have their day in culinary court.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Tiffani Faison vs. Dale Talde

Rob Zombie presides over a duel to the culinary death between two of Top Chef 's most recognizably reformed villains.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: David Burke vs. Takashi Yagihashi

Two Top Chef Masters experience the most "bizarre" battle yet.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: CJ Jacobsen vs. Stefan Richter

After sourcing their ingredients from the forest floor, two past players face off in a battle for the culinary soul of Scandinavia.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Mike Isabella vs. Antonia Lofaso

Two all-star chefs compete family style.   Read More... //

'Top Chef Duels' recap: Shirley Chung vs. Brooke Williamson

Two chefs who made it this close in their respective seasons return for a head-to-head.   Read More.... //