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'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 5?

Week four of Top Chef Duels was a tense one with two bona fide nemesis', Stefan and CJ, competing. Good-natured banter was replaced with a hostile back and forth that left a bad taste in my mouth. The two did make amends of sorts, each finally giving the other his due. It was the first, and probably the only time, the cheftestants went foraging for twigs and berries to incorporate into their food, and the first clean sweep this season. I'm certain that myself and the fans were as surprised as Stefan who stated that God himself couldn't have cooked better than he did. CJ just really embraced the concept of the challenge more so than Stefan.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/top-chef-duels/top-chef-duels-prediction-who-54489.aspx

Top Chef Duels Throws a Bizarre Twist at the Contenders (Exclusive Video)

On Wednesday's new episode of Bravo's Top Chef Duels, two masters go head-to-head and the challenges are appropriately tough. Former Top Chef Masters competitors and long-time friends, David Burke and Takashi Yagihashi, take the duel to a whole new level. In the first 30 minute rounds in which the chefs create the challenges, Yagihashi chooses an ingredient that is deceptively tough, the egg.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/top-chef-duels-throws-a-bizarre-twist-at-the-contenders-exclusive-video/