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'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 9?

Week 8 of Top Chef Duels had the only two female winners of the series, Stephanie Izard ( Top Chef Chicago ) and Kristen Kish ( Top Chef Seattle ) showcasing their skills. These two women have very different styles when it comes to preparation and plating. They also favor different flavor profiles. Kristen is still all tingly from her win, and she's very meticulous when it comes to preparation. Stephanie's focus is creating rustic flavor and not necessarily sweating the small stuff. Even though the judges loved Kristen's take on a sinful dessert, experience prevailed when the judges found Stephanie's food more "tempting."   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/top-chef-duels/top-chef-duels-prediction-who-54716.aspx