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'Top Chef Masters' Recap: The Offal Truth

It's New England formalism versus San Francisco cutting-edge as Chris and Kerry face off in the finale. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Lifestyles of the Bleached and Hungry

A "diner en blanc" flash mob pits the final four against each other in a picnic that will decide ... everything. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Technical Bacon-Out

A visit from Sugar Ray Leonard pits the final five in a series of heavyweight cooking bouts. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Thai a Yellow Curry

A sexy Quickfire with Dita Von Teese precedes a Thai-cooking challenge that leaves some chefs in the dust -- and not the ones you might expect. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: The Difference Between Yucca and Yuca

A Native American challenge on the lip of the Grand Canyon leave the judges impressed -- but someone needs to go home. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Teppanyaki, None the Richer

Asian themes abound as the chefs prepare raw seafood for Brian Boitano, then a tableside feast, Benihana-style. //

'Top Chef Masters' Recap: Of Buffets and Skin Grafts

The contestants split up for a Vegas-sized challenge -- and the first to be cut does it the hard way. //

Recap: The winner of 'Top Chef Masters' is named

It’s the finals of "Top Chef Masters"! Someone ring the bell, it’s time for the death match to begin! Okay, it’s not a death match, but everyone’s so polite and friendly on this show that we need to spice things up a little. In one corner, we have Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She’s playing for Share Our Strength. In the other corner, we have Traci des Jardins of Jardiniere in San Francisco. She’s playing for La Cucina. And… in a third corner, I guess it’s more a triangle-shaped ring, Floyd Cardoz of North End Grill in New York City. He’s playing for the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund, although they kind of leave it to you to remember that.  Curtis Stone, James Oseland, Gael Greene and Ruth Riechl are waiting for the finalists. Their elimination challenge is to create a three course meal of a lifetime. The first course should be inspired by their first food memory. The second course should be the dish that inspired them to become a chef. The third course. For the third, they have to do a knife pull. Each critic is assigned to one of the chefs: James tells Floyd he wants an Indonesian dish called rendang. Ruth tells Mary Sue she wants lemon soufflé. Gael wants fried duck. Fried duck? That does not sound good to me, but she had it on her honeymoon in 1961, so maybe they fried ducks back then. Read More... //

Recap: It's down to the Final 4 on 'Top Chef Masters'

We’re down to the final four, and I’m sure someone very, very accomplished will win but I’m not sure I’m too invested in the end result. Maybe that’s because our chefs, having gotten this far in the competition, don’t seem too invested, either. Granted, they’ve taken a lot of time off of work, they miss their families and they’ve made it far enough in the game that they can take pride in knowing their damn good at what they do. The only chef who seems a little keyed up is Floyd, and I think he just wants to beat Mary Sue at something, anything as a point of pride. He’s probably eaten at Border Grill. That’s all I’m saying. Anyway, Quickfire Challenge! The chefs can only use the food they find at their station, which is divided in half. On the other side of the divider they’ll have a mystery teammate with the same ingredients, and they must instruct them in how to make an exact copy of the dish they’re making. This sounds overly complicated, but it could be fun and not as dangerous as operating a deep fat fryer while wearing a blindfold, which I’m sure was second choice.   Read More... //

Recap: 'Top Chef Masters' - 'Blinded Me with Science'

Anyway, Quickfire! It’s a microwave challenge. A breakfast microwave challenge. Have you ever cooked an egg in a microwave? Did you actually eat it? Or convince someone else to eat it? Without a blindfold? Yeah, this is tougher than it seems and could be sort of gross.  Floyd has never cooked eggs in a microwave. Oh, don’t do it, Floyd! Naomi wants to make something with eggs. And she doesn’t know how to microwave. This is a nightmare. Hugh grew up with a microwave and his daughter cooks with the microwave, so I’m thinking he has an edge. Oh, and Mary Sue is forgoing the egg altogether, so I think she might do well, too. I’m telling you, egg is not your friend when it comes to the microwave.  The judges are Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, better known as the comedy duo Frangela. I have only ever seen these women as contestants on dumb reality game shows like "I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here," so I don’t know which is which or how they got this gig but I’m jealous, even if they do have to eat microwaved eggs. I don’t think the chefs know who they are, either. Read More... //