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'Top Chef Masters': Improvisation! Season 2, Episode 9

Quickfire Challenge: They pair up (Susur and Rick, Jonathan and Marcus), and each has to cook a recipe from their partner's cookbook. Halfway through cooking, they are told to stop and create a soup that keeps the integrity of the original recipe. James Oseland chooses the winner: Marcus wins for cooking a chicken tortilla soup based on one of Jonathan's recipes. Elimination Challenge: The chefs get the night out to go see the Groundlings improv show, and they are given phrases based on audience suggestions, and have to cook a dish for the Groundlings cast. Rick's phrase is "red, anger, bacon," and he makes pork loin, poached oysters, bacon and spicy kimchi cream. Rick screws up with the sous vide and his pork is partially undercooked, and Jay feels that it was underseasoned. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now