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Top Chef's Leah: What Really Happened With Hosea?

On last night's Top Chef , Leah Cohen was told to pack her knives and go home after judges got a taste of her basic brunch dish. "Please!" Leah huffed about her elimination. "I've definitely been the 'brunch bitch' at restaurants and I've done eggs Benedict before. To have that be the downfall of the show for me was kind of, I thought, pathetic. It's eggs Benedict! People who don't know how to cook know how to make eggs Benedict. Whatever." That's not all Leah had to tell me when I caught up with her earlier today. Keep reading to find out what her boyfriend thought about her kissing fellow cheftestant Hosea, why she thinks Toby Young is a "douchebag" and what she has planned for her restaurant's spring menu. Nope, not eggs Benedict'' What was it like being on Top Chef? My experience was OK. I had a hard time when we were shooting it. I'm not the most competitive person, and I didn't realize how intense the show was going to be...And you're in this little bubble, and you have no interaction with the rest of the world, and you're told what to do all the time. I felt like a child again. How do you think you came off after the editing was done? I stopped watching the show when Toby Young came on. I didn't even watch that episode. I have my brother and all my friends give me updates. And I knew the whole Hosea thing was going to be played up, so I kind of just stopped watching it, because I just didn't like the direction it was going in. Well, what did happen between you and Hosea? We were really good friends and we kissed one night, that was pretty much it. What they showed on TV was really the extent of our relationship beyond the friendship that happened. And that was it. We hung out all the time. But I also hung out with Stefan all the time, and they didn't put that in at all. I was predominately with Hosea, Stefan and Fabio for the entire time. I didn't hang out with the girls that much. Did you tell your boyfriend what happened? When I got home, I told my boyfriend what happened, and then it was three months later when it came on the show. It wasn't forgotten, but it was, like, it happened, whatever. What's next for you? I'm trying to redo the menu for spring and hopefully make the restaurant (New York City's Centro Vinoteca) more successful than it already is. Eggs Benedict on the menu? It's not [laughs], but there is a poached egg on the menu which I purposely put on a few months ago so people know I could properly do a poached egg. I also put cod on the menu to show that I can properly cook fish, too. Let's go back to Toby Young. What did you think of him as Gail's replacement? Toby Young is a douchebag. He was just, like, whatever. He didn't bring much to the show. He didn't bring much to me as a judge like Gail. You valued her opinion. I thought his witty banter didn't do much for constructive criticism. My friends are like, "Who is this f--king douchebag?" Source here

More Details on 'Top Chef' Masters

Bravo recently revealed some details on how the Top Chef spin-off will look like, among them, its host and the general premise. Top Chef Masters, set to debut this fall, will feature 24 contestants from all over the world who will compete in a series of weekly events, including a twist on the current quick fire challenge and a more involved elimination challenge. Essentially, it's going to be a more uppity version of the "regular" Top Chef. In addition, Kelly Choi, host of weekly restaurant show Eat Out NY will host Top Chef Masters, while New York Magazine food critic Gael Greene, culinary expert James Oseland, and British journalist Jay Rayner will make up the judges. Source here

Top Chef Fans: Make Room for Seconds

Bravo is cooking up something special for Top Chef foodies. The cooking competition's head judge, Tom Colicchio, is helping to produce the cable channel's new spinoff show, Top Chef Masters, which will feature a smorgasbord of 24 (as yet unnamed) world-renowned kitchen-based artists competing in a buffet of challenges every week. The winner will be declared the Top Chef Master and a prize will be donated to the charity of his or her choice. Each episode will have two challenges a quickfire test of each cook's skills and an innovation-centric elimination round. According to the network, "the food will be tasted and evaluated by the judges and a wide range of tasters...whether it is patrons at a five-star restaurant or a room full of hungry kids." Former model and food journalist Kelly Choi hosts the competition, while restaurant critic Gael Green, food critic Jay Rayner and editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine James Oseland have seats at the judges' table. Source here

Top Chef 5: "The Last Supper" Predictions

The thing that gives Top Chef its suspense is the thing that can be most annoying about it. Sure, it would be more fair if each judging looked primarily at a cheftestant's overall performance. But without the You're only as good as your last dish guideline, you might as well crown dominating players like Richard Blais from Top Chef 4 or Stefan Richter from this season winners midway through and not bother with the rest of the competition. This is television, after all, and creating drama is, in fact, the goal of making the show in the first place - not being fair. So while many feel like Jamie Lauren's overall performance should have saved her last week, her mistake in the challenge overrode all her previous success and sent her home. So I would like to think that Stefan is safe due to his talent and confidence (or arrogance, depending on how you look at it). I find him oddly endearing despite his sometimes abrasive manner. He's clearly technically proficient, and his performance during Restaurant Wars shows that he doesn't get rattled when a dish starts going wrong. He seemed to stay calm when his panna cotta didn't set and fixed it rather than spinning into panic. But if he does have one weakness, it might be that he tends to stay conceptually safe. Not that there is anything wrong with classic flavors and cooking, but I think if the judges think he's keeping it simple just to avoid landing in the bottom, they might not look kindly on his lack of risk-taking. Hosea Rosenberg faltered last week and does seem to have lost his focus a bit since the dalliance with Leah Cohen. He still seems to be one of the stronger chefs left, but once again, he needs to get his head in the game to stay in the game. Carla Hall might have seemed to be the kooky underdog but last week at Le Bernardin, she pulled out her classical training and impressed Eric Ripert. Each success seems to boost her confidence, and increased confidence seems to encourage her success, so if she can keep it up, she might be able to stick it out. Fabio Viviani did well last week, but I think he and Leah could be most vulnerable this week. Leah's just seemed to be totally losing motivation. Fabio seems to swing from strength to weakness and if he swings in the wrong direction this week, it could be right off Top Chef 5. Source here

Week of 2/8: Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

Last week was the beginning of February Sweeps and a thrilling week of TV for sure. This week, the fun and excitement continues. Ten things we can't wait for: 1. Ryan surfaces on Brothers & Sisters ! Wasn't even expecting this, but we finally got a glimpse of the much-teased Ryan Walker on last night's B&S. Sure there is more to come next week... 2. The Big Bang Theory - Meet Leonard's Mom! Christine Baranski guest stars as mother to Leonard on this week's all new ep. Finding out who "spawned" one of TV's most lovable geeks is always infinitely entertaining. 3. Matt Lanter on 90210 - As if the show didn't already have enough gorgeous men, Matt Lanter surfaces this week as a hot bartender working at the hotel in which Naomi will now be living. But enjoy this episode, as the show won't be returning until the end of March. 4. Top Chef : The Last Supper - Me likes the biblical-themed episode title, Bravo , as the Final Four will be decided with this Last Supper. And know what I would like even more? If lobotomized Leah does not make the final 4... 5. Survivor: Tocantins premieres! - Thanks for the geography lesson, CBS, because until now, I had never heard of Tocantins, which btw is a state in Brazil. Premieres Thursday. 6. Jon Hamm on 30 Rock continues! - So we had Hamm on our list last week as well, but any week with Hamm gracing our screens is a week where this author is happier. 7. Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice crossover continues! - Yeah, last week was a total tease. We know. Looks like this week an actual crossover actually happens. Hoorah! 8. Dollhouse premieres! - Can't. Wait. Until. Friday. It's from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly and stars the always charming Eliza Dushku. Also has a kick-ass premise. Never was there so good a reason to stay in on a Friday night! 9. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns! - New timeslot, fresh start for this show? It's a sci-fi Friday block for Fox and I'd say it's do-or-die time for TSCC. The show needs viewers. Watch it! 10. Alec Baldwin hosts Saturday Night Live w/ Jonas Brothers - OMG, Jonas Brothers! Just kidding. What I am actually excited for is another hosting of SNL by the incomparable Alec Baldwin, who has proven himself as comedic gold week in and week out. SNL has been profoundly unfunny since the election, so here's to hoping that Baldwin can rescue it. So, what happenings are you most excited for on this week's television?

Top Chef 5: Conference Call with Jamie Lauren

Well, I, for one, was shocked last night when cheftestant Jamie Lauren was kicked off of Top Chef 5. It's always a possibility for the stronger chefs to be eliminated before their time on Top Chef, since you are only as good as your last dish. Nevertheless, it's hard to let go of the mindset that the strongest overall performing chefs will make it all the way to the end. But braised celery did the chef in, and we talked to her today about her elimination, what she thought about the judges, and Stefan's hopeless crush. I asked her about her feelings last night during elimination. She seemed to be reconciled to her fate and took it all in stride, so I wanted to find out what she was thinking during the episode. She said that the challenge was pretty obvious from the beginning, noting you don't take six people to Le Bernardin and serve them six fish dishes and not expect them to think they'll be cooking that. She had commented elsewhere that replication is not her strong suit, so she went into the competition already aware that it might not be her best hour. As to the judging, she says she knew her fate, the celery was oversalted and there was nothing she could do about it. She says she probably would have had less equanimity about being eliminated if it had been her own creation. As things happened, though, she feels satisfied that she had the chance to showcase her strengths as a chef on Top Chef 5. She even takes all the Top Scallop talk in stride, saying it's hard to take any of the other chef's interview comments too seriously when she knows they are edited and often taken out of context. Although she hasn't quite seen all of them, as she noted that last night she got home late and then her priority was watching American Idol, so she hasn't even had time yet to watch the episode. For More Read Here

Casting Call for 'Top Chef' Season 6 Begins

Chefs finding him or herself capable in competing nationally are welcomed to join Bravo TV's reality cooking competition, " Top Chef ". The sixth season of the Emmy-winning series has opened a casting call in seven cities across the nation. Starting February 8, there will be a series of auditions that begins with San Francisco. More will be conducted in Seattle on February 11, Atlanta on February 22, New York on March 1, Philadelphia on March 4 and Los Angeles on March 15. Place and time can be read below. Once again hosted by Padma Lakshmi, and head-judged by Chef Tom Colicchio, the show offers opportunities for chefs with culinary skills to display their talents and earn the prestigious title of "Top Chef" on top of other prizes. Each episode holds two challenges for the chefs and each week one will be sent to pack up their knives and go home. Meanwhile, the fifth season is still running on Bravo and six chefs remain in the competition. One will be sent home tonight, February 4 in the edition of "Le Bernardin". Casting call schedules: * SAN FRANCISCO - Sunday, February 8, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., Ducca Restaurant & Lounge * SEATTLE - Wednesday, February 11, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., Canlis Restaurant * ATLANTA - Sunday, February 22, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., Craft Restaurant * NEW YORK - Sunday, March 1, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., CraftSteak Restaurant * PHILADELPHIA - Wednesday, March 4, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., XIX NINETEEN at Park Hyatt at the Bellevue * LOS ANGELES - Sunday, March 15, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.1, Craft Restaurant * CHICAGO - For casting information in Chicago, please email Source here

''Top Chef's'' Tom Colicchio Turns Hero At D.C. Dinner Party

Top Chef 's Tom Colicchio went from celebrity judge to hero over the weekend, after saving the life of a fellow foodie. According to the Food Association, Colicchio performed the Heimlich maneuver on Joan Nathan, a cookbook author at the Art.Food.Hope fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C. Nathan reportedly began choking on chicken when Colicchio was forced to spring into action and perform the move, which dislodged the food from her windpipe. I just happened to be nearby, the judge told a Food Association blogger of his safety move. Colicchio is currently starring in Season 5 of Bravo TV's Top Chef, in New York City. Source here

Top Ratings for Top Chef

The 5th season premiere of Bravo 's Top Chef ( Project Runway what?) debuted to record numbers this past Wednesday night with 2.7 million viewers. This is a 19% improvement over the Season 4 premiere in March. Read a review of this episode here . Source: THR

What's Cooking with Season 5 of Top Chef?

This season of Top Chef (premieres Wednesday at 10 pm/ET on Bravo) is all about the apple - the Big Apple. With the world-famous food mecca as the background, the chefs of the Emmy-nominated competitive reality show are the most diverse, facing some of the toughest (and coolest) guest judges to date. Host Padma Lakshmi said Season 5's chef-testants "were very quick learners and over the course of the challenges and weeks really surprised us." And the personalities weren't the only thing that made for great TV. "Shooting in New York lent itself to amazing things that New York has to offer, a lot of different ethnic cuisines. And that worked itself into the challenges at a lot of different locations," said head judge Tom Colicchio. Even the first quick-fire challenge was inspired by the locale, which involved an apple and the chefs showing off their intense (or lack of) knife skills. read more from: TvGuide