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Top Chef: Fan Favorites and 'Culinary Boner' T-Shirts

I hope you all remembered to watch the Top Chef : Watch What Happens Chicago Reunion last night. Honestly, I found it weird that this season they chose to film and air this special after the finale, as I imagine that many people assumed with the finale that the season had concluded. At any rate, if you missed it here are the most interesting tidbits from the hour: 1. Richard - this season's Willy Wonka - appeared via satellite because his wife (yes, his wife) was giving birth. Awwww! 2. Lisa insists that people come up to her on the streets and call her a b%#$. 3. Andrew's undeniably most hilarious line of the season, "I have a culinary boner" has been made into a T-Shirt by Bravo which can be purchased here . 4. Dale spoke graciously about his elimination (though Tom Colicchio confirmed that had he been there, he would have sent Lisa home) admitting that he screwed up his dish and because of that, he was ok with being sent home. Who likes Dale so much more ever since he got eliminated and then reappeared in the final episodes and at this reunion? 5. Zoi and Jen awkwardly dismissed a question about whether they had broken up or not. Interpret that as you please... And...finally: 6. Stephanie was chosen as Fan Favorite (in addition to obviously the bigger title of Top Chef). I know there is no way around this since voting occurs before a winner is crowned, but it honestly kind of stinks that somebody else couldn't get a small slice of victory too. Stephanie seemed to agree, as she appeared more uncomfortable than anything else with receiving the title. For that reason though, Stephanie continues to be awesome and entirely likable! That about sums up the reunion! If Stephanie wasn't the fan favorite, who do you think would have been the most deserving?

The 20 City Stops For Bravo's Top Chef : The Tour

Complete list of cities for the Top Chef Tour. Top Chef Tour Details

An Interview with the new Top Chef!

The LA Times has interviewed the new winner of Top Chef ! Read the interview here .

Top Chef Junior? You Betcha!

Are you ready for a Top Chef spinoff? Honestly, with the success of Bravo 's Top Chef, I am somewhat surprised it hasn't come sooner... Bravo has ordered 8 episodes of Top Chef Junior, which will utilize the tried and tested Top Chef show format, but with 13 to 16 year olds. No airdate has been set yet. Furthermore, Bravo has ordered another new cooking series called Novelli, about chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's move to Los Angeles to run a cooking school. Is this a cooking overload on Bravo for you all or do these new shows sound exciting? Source: Variety

The Top Chef Scallop Scandal Continues...

You've got to love some good Top Chef drama. Those nasty frozen scallops may have already gotten Spike kicked off of the show, but the trouble that they have caused has not stopped there. Apparently, everyone seems very concerned that since Spike pointed it out, people will depart the show with the misconception that guest chef Rick Tramonto actually did have frozen scallops in his walk-in (god-forbid!). Both Tom Colicchio and Rick Tramonto assure us that this is not the case. Tom Colicchio says on his blog that the Top Chef suppliers added some more ingredients to the walk in at the last second, including the scallops. Also, Tramonto told The Chicago Tribune that he believes the show purposely put the scallops in there to see who would take the bait, calling it "trickery at its best". You've got to love the drama! Source: TV Squad Image of frozen scallop courtesy of

Top Chef Judges on the Final 4

After quite a dramatic and heated elimination leading to our final four for Chicago's Top Chef , check out what some of our judges, including guest judge Rick Tramonto, have to say about the elimination and the final four! Tom's Blog: So Much at Steak Gail's Blog: It's What's for Dinner... Breaking Bread With... Rick Tramonto Photo courtesy of

Interview with Erik Hopfinger

Buddy TV interviewed our most recently ousted chef - Erik Hopfinger - who apparently received the nickname Papa Souffle from the other contestants. Erik talks about mistakes he made in the competition and his plans for the future. He seems like a pretty nice guy, and honestly he got the short end of the stick as I am convinced that the judges opted to keep Zoi over him for the sheer volume of drama that they hope to get out of her. Read (or listen) to the entire interview at BuddyTV: Exclusive Interview: Erik Hopfinger of Top Chef 4

Top Chef: Chicago Preview with Ted Allen

Top Chef begins tonight (3/12) on Bravo and it's time to hit the windy city! Check out what Top Chef judge Ted Allen has to dish up about what's to come for Season 4: Top Chef's Ted Allen Previews This Season's Big City and Bigger Personalities

Interview with Tom Colicchio

Getting excited for Top Chef: Chicago (premiering in March)?? (the correct answer is a resounding YES) While you're waiting, you can read this interview with Tom Colicchio over at BuddyTV: Tom Colicchio on His Start in Cooking