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Top Chef Premiere Recap: Let the Battle of Fresh Chefs vs. Leftovers Begin!

Time to eat,Top Cheffans!To be honest, were just excited that TVs best cooking competition is back, so well take any flavor of it we can get. But the new season pitting eight new chefs against eight former cheftestants does add a little spice, doesnt it? Some of the returning chefs oh, lets just call them [] //

Top Chef: California Crowns a Winner: Did Amar or Jeremy Take Home the Title?

Ladies and gentlemen, you have yourselves a brand new Top Chef. After four months and 15 episodes set in multiple cities throughout the state of California, host Padma Lakshmi has crowned...   Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Finale'

And the winner is...   Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Magic Hour'

The Last Chance Kitchen winner joins the final three cooks for a card-themed Quickfire and a magical elimination challenge ...  Read More.... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Back Where It All Started'

The top three are revealed as 'Top Chef' brings the show back full circle...   Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Wok This Way'

The chefs have to come up with the best "fast casual" concept in other words, who can come up with the best Chipotle ripoff?   Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Hammer Time'

MC Hammer makes a very special appearance...    Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Restaurant Wars, Part 2'

Lunch was playtime now for dinner service...    Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Restaurant Wars, Part 1'

The top 8 chefs serve up a power lunch...   Read More... //

'Top Chef' recap: 'Where's the Beef?'

The chefs don't really know what a beefsteak is and neither do we...   Read More... //