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'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Last Meals

No one has won yet, right? We are close though -- only three cheftestants remain standing in the   Top Chef   kitchens. One of them gets eliminated tonight, so which will it be? Either Mike, Antonia or Richard has to go.   And we begin with stormy seas and a tense kitchen. In the kitchen, we have Wolfgang Puck to bring the tension to the   Quickfire Challenge . For this challenge, the cheftestants get to challenge each other to a Quickfire from past seasons. Mike assigns Antonia the canned goods. Antonia in turn assigns hot dogs to Richard. And Richard gives Mike the one-pot challenge. And they're off! The crazy cooking gets off to a good start. But then Padma walks back in to offer twists to the cheftestants. They get to assign each other again. Richard assigns no utensils to Mike. Antonia chooses the one-hand challenge to Richard. Which leaves Antonia to cook tag-team style with a suddenly-returned Carla. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/top-chef/top-chef-all-stars-recap-last-39775.aspx

'Top Chef' recap: And Then There Were Two

Last night’s intro was all about working us into a state over Mike Isabella’s chances. Will he or won’t he? The odds say yes, but his opponents tried to persuade us otherwise. Antonia pooh-poohed the "boys’ club." "They’re just expecting to dominate, but that’s not gonna happen." Blais, a notorious worrywart  (/worryglasswort), claimed he wasn’t worried at all about Mike’s winning streak. "Good for him!" he said, in the tone of voice that means exactly the opposite. The  Quickfire   Challenge  seemed like a chance to even the playing field. The chefs had to assign each other a "classic"  Top Chef challenge. Translation: capitalize on each other's weaknesses. Mike got first pick. His dream was to win the final against Blais, which meant he needed to psych Antonia out enough to send her home. Boom! Canned foods and dry goods. Anyone who’s lived in a dorm knows turning canned foods into a delicious meal is the Gordian Knot of cheap eating. Adequately screwed, Antonia chose Blais as her victim. She threw him a softball. Hot dogs? Pssh. Hot dogs are amazing even when they’re terrible! Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/top-chef-season-8-episode-15/